What to Do When You Can’t Get Hard

What to Do When You Can't Get Hard

Whether due to personal issues or other problems, ED (Erectile Dysfunction) or Can’t get hard erections are common for men of all ages. At one point or another, they face this issue and feel disappointed & embarrassed to talk to anyone.

However, no worries now as you have reached the right space! Here you will come to know the reasons why you can’t stay hard. Besides, you will be able to tackle the situation by going through its ultimate solutions mentioned here. So, read the blog till the end to get the answer to every query regarding it.

Why I Can’t Stay Hard During Sex?

Why I Can’t Stay Hard During Sex

There are innumerable reasons that might trouble you to sustain an erection and force you to ask this question over & over again that’s why you can’t stay hard during sex?

This might be your age factor, self-blaming, stress levels, and many other psychological and physical factors that are responsible for ED. Shame, anxiety, and many mental issues are needed to be addressed in their proper treatment.

So, what are the exact reasons for can’t get hard erection? Let us put your attention to it.

  • Anxiety & Nervousness

Nervousness and performance anxiety can limit the erection considerably. The pressure of staying hard might worsen the situation and let you feel low in bed.

  • Drinking Habits

Drinking can make erections harder by reducing blood flow. Alcohol can weaken the erection and can make you a patient of ED.

  • Physiological Issues

Diabetes, heart problems and many other physical issues can block nerve impulses. This becomes a considerable reason for your not getting able to stay hard.

  • Smoking and Drug Abuse

By constricting blood vessels and leaving an impact on blood circulation, drug abuse & smoking can become a prime reason for impotence.

  • Low Testosterone

These are the hormones and its level diminishes with the passage of time and growing age, specifically after 30. This might become a prime reason for trouble during erections.

  • Stress

Stress and an unstable mind can also become a reason that you can’t stay hard in bed. The regular business issues, hectic routine, and everything make the circumstances quite stressing which further creates problems in sustaining an erection.

  • Premature Ejaculation

Men who start ejaculating early in life, face this issue of less sustainable erection later. With the passage of time erection naturally goes down in them.

  • Medicinal Side Effects

Some medicines do impact adversely on erection, like, BP medication, etc. might impact adversely on erectile functionality.

  • Self Blaming

Blaming yourself and unnecessary worrying about your image in front of your partner results in a low erection. These hovering thoughts are quite dangerous for your sex life.

These are some of the reasons that are keeping you at bay to life satisfied life. You can check these and start fixing it if you want to stay hard.

Some Common Questions:

Q: Does My Age Leave Impact on Erections?

Does My Age Leave Impact on Erections

A: In general, aging doesn’t prompt for ED. But yes, ED problem is quite common in older men. The studies show this fact that most older men face problem during erections.

So, aging can be considered as one of the reasons for erection. The chances of ED and low erections hike up with aging. But this doesn’t mean, it can’t be treated. The medical science has evolved numerous ways to deal with it. Medications and other ways can help people of any age to deal with ED issues.

Q: Does My Lifestyle Have Bearing on This Issue?

A: Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Your lifestyle like, no exercising, excessive smoking & drinking habits, obesity, etc., all work against erections.

Lifestyle stress can also have a great bearing on it. So, for better and sustainable erections, you need to look after all the issues thoroughly.

Q: Is It Just An Emotional Issue?

A: Possibly, not! Emotional imbalance can be one angle but thinking it t be a complete cause of ED, will be foolishness.

ED problems are mostly physical in nature or can be combined with emotional ones. Person’s medical condition leaves a considerable impact on low erections or the ability of erections. Moreover, hormonal issues can also be the reason for it.

How to Stay Hard During Sex?

How to Stay Hard During Sex?

Well, this is an embarrassing query for many. But they want to know how could they do it. So, for your surprise, there are a number of ways that can help you stay hard. For easy understanding, we have divided into three parts, Medication, Exercises, and Natural Ways. Have a look:


Medication for better erection

Medical treatments are proving as a boon for them who want to stay hard. There are a number of medications you can get from thesynergycompanies.com which bring instant results and you start feeling improvement in erection. The results vary from medicine to medicine.

Here are the popular ones, Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Jelly, and many more alike options you might get on The Synergy companies. These options take people in perplex that which one they should pick. For this, the usual way is to go through the aftermath of each of it.

If you look at the market, then you will find Viagra as the most selling pills till date, but if you go with the results, then Cialis is a long lasting medication contrasting all other options. Some of the doses of these medications are given below:


Coming to the results in helping you stay hard then you will get about 60 & more improvement after regularly resorting to these medications. These medications are serving to several problems that males usually face during sex, so, you can simply rely on these if you are facing any issue regarding low erection.

But before directly resorting to these medications, it’s recommended to consult the physician in this regard. The reason is your health conditions and lifestyle which might not favor the intake of these supplements. The physician will diagnose every single aspect of your medical history and recommend the solutions accordingly.


Exercise for better firm erection

Medication can provide you temporary results. But with exercise, you can fetch long-lasting results by improving your overall health. The exercises that help in improving ED, specifically focus on pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for maintaining erections and sustaining blood flow by pressurizing penile veins. This ultimately works on maintaining erections during sex.

These exercises are divided into two further parts: Kegel Exercises and Pilates Exercises

  • Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises focus on pelvis muscles that exist on its bottom, known as pubococcygeus. With regular exercise of about four to six weeks, you will start experiencing the positive results.

The basic Kegel exercise focuses on squeezing & holding pelvic floor muscles for five seconds and then relax. You can locate these muscles in the middle of urination by stopping your stream. You need to exercise these muscles that you clench to do this. Do this basic exercise three times a day by repeating it 10 to 20 times each time you do.

You can even try this exercise in different positions such as, sitting in a chair, standing, lying down by keeping your knees up. Besides relieving erectile dysfunction, it helps you in reducing bowel incontinence, improve the sexual experience, and help you stop dribble after urination.

  • Pilates Exercises

These exercise help in activating right muscles group and challenge the person to keep the strength of the pelvic floor while moving. For the beginners, there’s a Knee Fallout exercise in which the person is needed to lie down by bent knees. Other exercises are Spine Foot Raises and Pelvic Curl. In all these exercises different body postures are used to squeeze the pelvic muscles.

You might not be able to perform these exercises all at once or might take time to make a routine of performing it 10 to 20 times in one shot regularly. For this, you need to keep your practice on and make yourself capable of doing it without any difficulty regularly.

Besides these two main exercises, Aerobic exercises can also help you attain positive results.


Natural ways for get a guy hard

Besides medication and regular exercises, there are some other natural ways too, which can help you stay hard. Head towards these:

  • Keep the Body Weight Under Control

The overweight body can negatively affect the ability to sustain an erection. Besides, a number of health issues, particularly diabetes are also associated with obesity, which further hikes the chances of ED. For this, you surely need to balance your body which is necessary for even your overall health and performance, even if ED is not a problem for you. pay attention to it today and start the workout.

  • Nutritious Diet

For erection, there must be reliable and strong blood flow, which is possible with a healthy diet. But when you resort to junk food, high-calorie, fatty, sugary food, then chances of erection goes down. Studies shows, erection have direct co-relation with heart diseases and by eating unhealthy food, you invite heart diseases indeed. So, its utmost necessary to get a nutritious diet full of vegetables, fruits & nuts. This helps in augmenting erections than before.

  • Lower Down Alcohol Intake

Do you drink too much? Then possibly there are chances of weak erections and more ED issues. Here we are not saying that alcohol has a direct bearing on ED, but yes, it might prompt you towards several sexual dysfunctions.

So, you can’t abandon it completely, then just lower down its consumption. Even moderate consumption (max. two or three glasses of alcohol) will not trouble you much.

  • Keep A Check on High Cholesterol and High BP

High BP and High cholesterol can become the prime reason for destroying blood vessels even those which bring blood to the penis.

So, it’s vital to keep it under control. You can bring Blood Pressure monitoring devices to keep a check on it.

  • Avoid Taking Anabolic Steroids

These are usually preferred by bodybuilders and athletes to maintain body health as required by their games. But this drug can become a reason to low erections.

Yes, it’s possible! The reason is, steroids can erode the ability of testicles to make testosterone and can even shrink it to a great extent. So, it’s advisable to stop taking steroids and build up your body naturally by resorting to a healthy diet and exercise.

  • Stop Smoking

Smoking can invariably curb blood flow and even har, blood vessels. Stop taking it and even don’t resort to any other medicine to sap the smoking habit. Work on it slowly but in a natural way only.

  • Feel emotionally Better

Stress is the enemy of erections. Curb it first and stay emotionally balanced to reduce ED issues. These are some proven ways that will surely help you stay hard and sustain erections.

How to Relax and Get Hard?

How to Relax and Get Hard

The most common issue people face is they feel distracted while erections, which ultimately stop them getting hard during sex. For those, here are some tips to follow that will help you get how to relax and get hard. Go through these:


By keeping your focus on breathing will help you churn those distracting thoughts and let you get hard.

Tense Your Muscles

Tensing the entire body muscles and then relax them up. You will feel so much relaxed after doing so.

Take A Break

If you need a break to breathe and talk to your partner, then just take it. Don’t take it otherwise, it’s a great tip to relax and then reconnect. You will feel better by doing so.

We hope you have got the answers to all your queries. Have a great day ahead!