About Our Privacy Policy (Statement or Legal Document)

When you access our website, your data is stored in the form of cookies. For your safety, this data can be stored on the server. We do not sell or share your data with any third party or foreign marketing companies, not now or in the future.

  • Account Details

When you create a new account, you might be prompted to add a few details related to you before using any of our services. This can include your contact number, name, shipping address, etc. The data provided by you is fully controlled by you. It can be modified or changed anytime you wish.

  • Security

Your payments are secured using SSL encryption, which provides a safe and hassle-free process of the transaction. Preventive measures are taken at all times to protect your information. Our cyber heads are active 24×7 to protect your identity and all your details from getting misused.

  • Query Related Information

You can contact us anytime you wish via our email list on the website. Our customer support executives are here to serve you at all times. If you think that’s something wrong or that any information provided to you is not precise enough, do not hesitate and click on that mail button. We’re just a click away.

  • Duty to Privacy

Your data is stored safely on our servers to provide you with the best offers and products that you need. We don’t run any marketing gimmicks or sell your data to any of the advertisement companies.

  • Spontaneous Email (SPAM)

We do not send across any unnecessary information, information that isn’t of any use to you, or SPAM emails. If you receive any unknown promotional offers, feel free to unsubscribe yourself from the list. Your email ID is only used to contact you and solve your queries.