About Our Shipping Policy

  • After you place an order, you can contact us via email or just fill out the form listed on the Contact Us page.
  • A unique tracking ID for your order is provided to you. It can take anywhere around 24-48 hours depending upon the courier service.
  • Your order can take anywhere around 2-3 days to get dispatched.
  • The stipulated time of shipping is 15 to 21 days. (Delivery possibly takes up to 35 days from dispatch, due to extensive Covid 19 safety measures.) The shipment is transported from distribution centers in Mumbai & Singapore.
  • We provide hassle-free service to our customers.
  • We provide doorstep delivery on all orders.

You can contact us via the customer payment processor to verify everything. If your billing address lies in a region or war zone or you reside in a conflicted country, your order may be canceled. Please make sure about this before placing the order. 

Your order is of utmost priority to us. We believe in customer satisfaction and so, your money would be refunded to you in the above-mentioned cases. Order Related Information There is a waiting time period of 7 days as some orders can take a little longer than expected. Please bear with us and stay patient. You can also ask for a refund if we fail to meet your expectations. The shipping costs can be borne by us in cases if the information provided by you is not correct. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to provide legit information and double-check before placing an order on our website.