What Is Reverse Kegel? Why Should One Perform It?

Reverse Kegel

You must have heard of Kegels and their ability to tighten the pelvic floor but reverse Kegels are responsible for relaxing the pelvic floor. When Kegels are exercises that work on strengthening the pelvic muscles to support the rectum, small intestine, and bladder.

Reverse Kegels do the exact opposite. The exercise is for relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Reverse kegel exercise for men has noteworthy benefits that allow the pelvic muscles to soften. Tight pelvic muscles can lead to incontinence, trouble in emptying the bladder, premature ejaculation, and pain during sex.

A study says, reverse kegel exercises help in treating premature ejaculation effectively. Even it is considered an alternative to the most expensive treatments in men. You have to know the Kegels first to know what is reverse kegel.


Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercise

There are several factors that are responsible for the weakening of the pelvic muscles in men, including chronic diseases like diabetes or maybe an overactive bladder. The surgery on the prostate also can be a reason for the weak pelvic muscles. For those individuals, doctors usually recommend various treatments like Levitra 20mg tablets. Though you can also improve the condition naturally through several sets of exercises for pelvic muscles.

Kegels exercise in men strengthens the muscles that are responsible for supporting the bladder and impacting sexual functions. Before starting the exercise, one should know the correct technique of the exercise in order to stimulate the right muscle of the pelvic floor.

From regular kegel exercise, you can be benefitted in terms of strong pelvic muscles. The key impact of exercise is bladder control; individuals reduce urine leakage through the exercise regularly within 3-6 weeks. When kegel exercise is for attaining strong pelvic muscles, reverse kegel exercise is for relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

People used to wonder what is a reverse kegel and how it is practiced to attain relaxed pelvic muscles. Since pelvic floor tightness leads to premature ejaculation, you need to practice reverse kegel exercise daily. With a reverse kegel routine, you can stretch, relax, and lengthen the pelvic floor.

The reverse kegel technique does not need any equipment you can perform the exercise at your home. The simple procedure for the exercise.

How to Do Reverse Kegel?

How to do reverse kegel

Empty Your Bladder Before Attempting Reverse Kegel

The exercise may cause you to urinate, so, it is better to empty your bladder to avoid an accident during the exercise. Go to the bathroom and prepare yourself for reverse kegel.

You Can Perform It at Any Position

Though sitting or lying down at any position can is comfortable for reverse kegel, you can do it at any position at any time. Reverse kegel in males is practiced through contracting the pelvic floor muscle. Make sure you use the same variations and timings for releasing the pelvic floor muscle.

Apply internal pressure to the penis then you have to stimulate the same muscle that is used for urinating. Though it is unfamiliar to find the right muscle initially, you can find the right one by flexing things down on the pelvic floor repeatedly. You have to keep track of the timing; then the muscles will start strengthening.

Contracting the muscles as if you are urinating, relaxes the perineal muscle as well as keeps pressure away from the prostate in men.

Lift the testicles and penis a bit to contract a front penile muscle, releasing the muscles of the anus makes your perineal body move downward. Hold the position for five seconds and release for five seconds. Initially, try exercise 3 sets often throughout the day. Then you can increase the number of sets once you master the procedure.

Well, reverse kegel breathing is crucial in the procedure; it is essential to breathe all the way to the stomach when you inhale. Instead of breathing into the chest, try to breathe into the stomach, so that, the belly will be relaxed during the exercise.

Most men have the common condition known as premature ejaculation. Health professionals recommend they reverse the kegel for premature ejaculation treatment. Generally, arousal and ejaculation are the functions of pelvic muscles, during sex. The contraction of the pelvic muscle gets you closer to ejaculation. Well, over-tightening of the pelvic muscle makes you ejaculate at the initial stage. It is lacking pleasure during sex both for your partner and you.

Reverse kegel in premature ejaculation is necessary and effective to relax the muscles of the pelvic floor. And also, let you enjoy your last-minute orgasm. The exercises of reverse kegel men help to strengthen the pelvic muscle and let the men have an orgasm without ejaculating. The tightening of the muscles leads to premature ejaculation making sex less enjoyable for men and women.

Reverse Kegel at Foreplay

Reverse kegel helps slow down your progression to orgasm at foreplay. You can apply the pressure when you are out of your arousal range to back down. Bringing yourself down the arousal level before sex at foreplay helps you for a last-minute orgasm. You can do the exercise at any time anywhere in order to master the technique and get rid of premature ejaculation.

How to Practice?

Most people wonder about how to reverse the kegel to prevent premature ejaculation and last-minute orgasm and improve erectile dysfunction. For indulging yourself in the reverse Kegels exercise, you have first to find out the pelvic muscle that needs to be stimulated.

Well, applying pressure to the back of the penis and stimulating the same muscles that are responsible for urinating, and moving the pressure away from the abs is the initial step. By practicing the sets regularly, you can have control over breathing and timing eventually.

The contraction and releasing of the pressure and breath are important in reverse kegel that you should practice to get master it. Well, you have to master kegel first for reverse kegel male exercises.

Doing normal Kegels will help you to know what is the effect of the exercise on your senses of control. Then switching to the reverse kegel will help you to check its effect on your physical arousal. After you are done with the process, relax the pelvic floor muscles. However, there exactly no specific way to do the exercise; some creativity and experimenting will help you to get there by practicing daily.


  • Make sure your bladder is empty before the exercise. Do not overdo the exercise at the initial stage, increase the number and time eventually.
  • You should not combine the reverse kegel exercise with any core exercise.
  • You should care about your breathing during the exercise as it is one of the crucial aspects of the reverse kegel.
  • If you are uncomfortable in finding the right muscle or in exercise, seek help from a professional instructor.
  • Discomfort while doing the exercise indicates that the procedure is not proper. Seeking help for a health professional or a fitness trainer will be effective for the individual.

Tips for Making It a Habit

  • The exercise is effective in relaxing your pelvic floor muscle when it is done regularly. Many individuals can’t feel its effectiveness due to inconsistency in exercise.
  • Kegels and reverse Kegels exercise will be effective if it is done consistently like your everyday chores at home. Well, doing the exercises daily at the same time can be effective for you.
  • Consider the benefits of the exercises in improving erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence, etc. the benefits of the exercise will motivate you to practice it daily.
  • Track the improvement in your body that will encourage you to make the exercise your habit. The effect of the exercise can be reflected in terms of a better sex life, reduced urinary leakage, and last-minute ejaculation.

Reverse Kegel Benefits

Kegel and reverse kegel are potentially known for the impact it has on the sex life of the individual. The exercises involved in this help both men and women enjoy stronger orgasms. Reverse Kegels helps women with dyspareunia to experience a more enjoyable sex life and is also beneficial during childbirth.

Regular kegel and reverse kegel routines help men improve stamina, control, and strength of the penile muscle. Along with preventing premature ejaculation, the exercises also help in improving erectile dysfunction.

The exercises help in improving muscle control and elongating the pelvic muscle.It also helps in treating several conditions like constipation and muscular imbalance. The other benefits of reverse kegel include lower back strength, hip stability, and improved bladder control. Many individuals with common issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation often opt for the exercises considering reverse kegel benefits.

The reasons for the issues can be many such as an unhealthy lifestyle, lacking physical activities, improper diet, stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Though various oral medications like 150mg viagra are there to treat those conditions, it is better to improve your conditions in a natural way like exercising, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet as well as visiting the doctor for consultation. Several common issues in men that impact their life are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction in men

Erectile dysfunction in men prevents keeping the erection firm during sex which leads to conflict in sex life. Disruption in blood flow to the penis leads to this condition in men which is due to excess anxiety and stress. There are many treatments to prevent the condition at a different levels. People with mild or moderate erectile dysfunction often recommended natural methods to treat the condition.

Usually, doctors suggest several lifestyle changes for the condition, which can reduce the stress level of the individual and be effective. It includes dietary changes, some regular physical activities, etc. in treating the condition naturally. Reverse kegel exercises are also effective in improving the condition of erectile dysfunction. Relaxing the muscles of the penis improves blood flow, which will prevent the condition effectively.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

It is a condition in men that makes men release semen sooner than their partner, which makes sex less enjoyable for the couple. Though the nervous system of the body controls ejaculation, the pelvic floor muscles play a vital role in it. So, controlling the senses and relaxing the pelvic muscles are effective in treating the condition. Exercise like reverse kegel is considered the best natural way to treat sexual issues in men, and also it is an alternative to several expensive treatments.

Other ED Medications for Improving Your Sex Life

Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Though various conditions in men negatively affect the sex life of the couple, the most common problem is erectile dysfunction. Men, who have an issue in keeping an erection during sex, often recommended oral medications to get rid of the condition. For relaxing the muscles of the penis and increasing blood flow to the penis, several oral medications are there.


For people who have mild or moderate erectile dysfunction, 200mg sildenafil on an empty stomach before sex is effective. The effect of Viagra is impactful on the individual over five hours.


A modern form of the drug that dissolves on the tongue is more effective than the pill. The effect of the oral medication is impactful on the individual for four to five hours. It can be taken with or without food before one hour of sex for individuals with mild and moderate erectile dysfunction.


The dose of the medication can be taken daily as per the level of erectile dysfunction; can i take 40mg of cialis highly effective for over 36 hours in men? The dose of the drug is usually taken 1-2 hours before sex with or without food.

However, the drugs should be taken after consulting your health professionals. Though the drugs are effective in treating erectile dysfunction and improving sex life, doses of the drug should be taken as per the doctor. The condition in men is usually due to excess stress and anxiety that affects the sex life of the people negatively.

People who are thinking about how to do reverse kegel should consult their doctor or fitness professional to find out the techniques of the exercises.