Why Do Men Lose Erection During Sex and How to Fix It?

Men Lose Erection During Sex

Do you lose erections during sex? Wait, do you consider lost erection to be a health concern? Well, it may not be a health concern at all. Lost erection is a common problem and fades away itself but if it does not, that might be the time to get a solution to it.

Lifestyle changes and some medications will help if you are more often losing erections during sex. Find out what is actually causing your erection problem and how making some changes will help you get rid of it.

Why do Men Lose Erections?

There may be several reasons why a man loses an erection during intercourse. Well, the most common ones are emotional and physical causes of lost erection.

Men may sometimes have this problem because they are tired, anxious, or must have taken excess alcohol. Or it can also happen because of performance anxiety most likely to happen in young men.

On the other hand, lost erection can happen because of some sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) which needs medicinal thoughts. In general, when you undergo poor erection while sexual intercourse almost regularly, you have to discuss it with your doctor.

The repetitive problem of ED during sex not only spoils your sexual relationship but also affects your psychological health. See your doctor and ask for Viagra 100mg tablets or methods that help you get rid of your lost erection.

There are 2 types of causes that result in Erectile Dysfunction or losing erection during sex

Emotional Causes

Emotional causes can cause ED

Erectile Dysfunction does not only happen because of physical causes, it can also be a reason for some emotional imbalances. Basically, it’s all about your mind-erection, lasting during intercourse and even ejaculation.

If you are psychologically stable, you can hold your erection with no effort. On the other hand, when you feel unstable and can’t focus on a particular thing. It more likely results in a lost erection during sex.

  • Depression: It is one of the main reasons why one experiences a lost erection during intercourse. The sense stimulation depression results in a lost erection.
  • Stress: It has always been a major reason for many health concerns whether it is mental or physical. Stress does not let your mind focus on something and gets you into a nostalgic situation. So this situation affects your intercourse as well.
  • Performance anxiety: Performance anxiety is a fear of not performing well during sexual intercourse. It makes men uncomfortable and causes a sudden loss of erection.

These emotional causes are the most commonly addressed factors to cause ED in men. There may be other factors that may also cause the same.

Physical Causes

Physical causes of ED

Physical causes are more likely the common disorders a person may have. These common disorders seem to not affect sexual health but have a straight impact. Erection relates to the blood flow and things affecting blood flow will ultimately affect erection.

  • Obesity: Not only erection problems, but obesity also causes other health concerns as well. The excess fat and carbs in your body may have an adverse effect on blood circulation. Obesity may also be a reason for low sexual stamina.
  • High blood pressure: Like said already, any health concern related to blood flow will impact the erection. In the same way, high blood pressure will affect the erection. The more the blood pressure is, less it will be held in the penis and you will quickly lose erection.
  • Hormone imbalance: Hormone levels can also be the reason why you lose erections during sex. Low testosterone levels not only cause erectile problems but also lead to premature ejaculation.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes is also one of the major reasons why one loses erection during sex. Diabetes stimulates the blood flow and does not let it hold in the penis hence losing erection.
  • Heart disease: Heart disease can also be one major reason why one loses erection during sex. In heart-related disease, the blood flow is more likely to reduce which ultimately causes ed.
  • Smoking: As already mentioned, stimulating the senses can have an adverse effect on erection. Smoking is one of them, it manipulates your senses and may result in losing an erection. It is also a cause of low sexual stamina.
  • Alcohol intake: Just like smoking, alcohol intake is also one reason that causes losing erection during sex. Erection is more connected to your mind than your body. Until your senses are in your control during sex, you can maintain erection else it gets tough.

Erectile Dysfunction or lost erection can also cause some medication’s side effects. There are some medicines and drugs that may result in losing an erection during sex. Medicines used for blood pressure, heart problems, and mental health conditions may affect erection abruptly. Antidepressants and steroids have the same effect on erection.

Does Losing Erection Mean I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Losing erection doesn't always mean Erectile Dysfunction

Not always. There is nothing like if you lose an erection, it indicates you have ED.

Losing erections during sex can be a result of emotional issues, physical issues, or a combination of both. To know the exact cause of why you are losing erections during sex, it is good to see your doctor.

Your doctor may also prescribe you some medications or lifestyle changes to help you get rid of impotency or lose erections during sex. If you end up knowing you are undergoing Erectile Dysfunction, there are FDA-approved medications for this as well.

Does Losing Erection Mean I Am Not Aroused?

Losing erection doesn't mean you're not aroused

Not exactly. It is not always the reason for losing an erection during sex. There is no doubt that it is one of the reasons why one loses an erection but it is not always the case.

Emotional causes can also be the reason why one loses an erection during sex. Losing an erection does not always mean you are not sexually aroused in any way. Performance anxiety is one major reason why one loses erection even after he is sexually aroused.

The anxiety of not performing well sometimes makes one lose his erection during sex. This psychological problem should be discussed by the doctor and come up with a solution.

What to Do If I Lose Erection?

Well, this is what the actual point is, how do you cure losing erection during sex? Well, you can. Just change yourself to some lifestyle changes and improve your mental health.

  • Follow a healthy diet: As strong as you are physically that good you will perform during sex. Following a healthy diet will help you get physically stronger and ultimately help you during sex. Adapt to foods rich in nutrients, vitamins, and all.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol: Smoking and alcohol block the senses and do not let you attain an erection during sexual intercourse. As said, psychological health is one of the major reasons why one may lose an erection during sex. Avoiding smoking and alcohol intake will help you stable your psychological state and help with your erection.
  • Ensure emotional health: Emotional health is one thing that ensures almost everything during intercourse. Like not only erection but holding the erection and ejaculation, everything depends on your emotional strength. Making yourself psychologically stronger will help with erections during sex.

Following the above points will help you get rid of losing erections during sex. As already mentioned, erection is psychologically more relaxed in comparison to physical. Well, it is not like physical health does not matter, it does, in fact, both do. Through, psychological causes have a more intense effect.

The best way to ensure both the physical and psychological factors is to follow a proper diet and avoid stress and most importantly performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is one of the significant problems in young men that causes ed or losing an erection.

Fixing both your physical and psychological issues will result in a firm and lasting erection during sex.


Well, after going through the discussion of why one loses erection during sex, it is concluded that it is the cause of physical and emotional imbalance. We also discussed how you can fix the problem of losing erections while you have sex which is to follow a diet, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and ensuring emotional health. If you lose erections or are suffering due to Erectile Dysfunction, then you can consume medications like levitra 20 mg which helps treat ED and increase blood circulation in the penis.

As explained in the content, psychological health plays a vital role in maintaining one’s erection so it is good to be focused on that. Losing erection is not always a serious issue, you can fix it with some medications and lifestyle changes.