Here is How Not to Cum Fast: Premature Ejaculation

how to not cum fast

Premature Ejaculation is one of the major problems in all men. It ends up causing troubles for men to perform sexually. It is most common in all men above the age of 40 due to some adverse health problems. Few Health problems are cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and blood pressure. Some of the psychological causes such as anxiety, stress, and depression might also be the reason for sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is the main cause of early ejaculation, which in result, fails to hold the erection long enough. It prevents you from pleasing your partner sexually. There are certain remedies and medications, using which you can help improve your condition and perform better in bed and How not to cum fast.

Here are Some of the Medications and Techniques Efficient for the Treatment

1. Use Herbal Medications

Use herbal medication for Premature Ejaculation
How to Not Cum Quick with Herbal Medication

Herbal Medicines are very popular today in dealing with major health problems. Many herbs cure diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and others. Some herbal contents are also efficient in treating premature ejaculation. It is although a slow process but provides a permanent cure with timely dosage for how to not cum fast.

You need to take the herbal capsules twice a day with warm water to experience a change in your favors. Some of the herbal medicines capable of treating sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation cause certain mild side effects such as dizziness and stomach pain.

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2. Use Anesthetic Creams

Use Anesthetic creams to stay longer
How Not to Cum So Fast With Anesthetic Creams

There are many topical creams available in the market that consists of a numbing agent. These contents help in delaying the climax during sexual intercourse and massaging the penis with the cream for about 15 minutes before sex prevents the premature ejaculation.

And helps you last longer during sexual activity. A study by medical experts’ claim that the topical anesthetic creams increase the ejaculation time by a few minutes. It can be effective for better sexual intercourse. If you want to know about How not to cum fast, then use topical creams to experience the change.

3. Use Zinc Supplements

How Zinc Help to not Cum Fast
How Zinc Help Not to Cum Fast

Zinc supplements are widely used for cell growth and immunity in the human body. But the minerals in these supplements also produce testosterone. It builds your energy and libido. Various studies by medical experts prove the link between the deficiency of zinc in the body and Erectile Dysfunction.

Therefore, the Zinc Supplements taken in the right proportion can help a man prevent premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction during intercourse. It is one of the most efficient cures. Make sure you consult your doctor before consuming Zinc tablets. High dosage can cause vomiting, nausea, stomach or kidney damage or diarrhea.

4. Change Your Diets

How Changing Your Diet Can Help You to Not Cum Fast
How Changing Your Diet Can Help You Not to Cum Fast

Deficiency of certain nutrients such as zinc or magnesium also results in deteriorating your sexual health. It leads to premature ejaculation and early loss of erection. As per medical specialists, add some foods into your daily bucket that are rich in magnesium and zinc.

Add foods such as oysters, soybeans, spinach, yogurt, and other such items. Adding these items to your food habits for a few days will eventually lead you to a change in your sexual life. The effects can be slow but will eventually cure your sexual dysfunction.

5. Squeezing Technique

Squeezing Technique for Premature Ejaculation
Squeezing Technique to Not to Cum Fast

It is not a medication but more of a mental exercise. During Sexual intercourse, you need to keep your mind alert at the moment when you are about to ejaculate. You need to stop right there and ask your partner to squeeze the end of your penis to extend the ejaculation time.

Let your partner hold it and play with it for a while after which you can resume with the sex. By exercising your mind, you can enjoy your sex for a longer duration. You need some help to control your premature ejaculation, and your partner can do it effortlessly.

6. Stop and Start Technique

If you do not want your partner to involve in the process of holding your premature ejaculation, you can use this technique as well. Here, you need to stop your sexual activity as soon as you have the urge to ejaculate. Wait till your sexual arousal is low, and then you can resume again. Repeat the process for as much time as you can. And you will reach the climax by satisfying yourself as well as your partner.

7. Try Some Exercises

Exercise for Not Cum too Fast
Exercise for Not to Cum too Fast

Certain exercises particularly focus on your pelvic floors. A stronger pelvic floor can help a man control the ejaculation reflexes for a long time. It helps an individual to increase the climax duration to add more fun to the sexual activity.

Exercise your muscles by holding your pee by pressing the right muscles and holding it tight for a while. While you lay down, hold your pelvic muscles tight for few seconds and then release the strain. Do it for ten rounds and at least thrice a day. To strengthen your muscles increase your holding time with passing days.

8. Use Thick Condoms

Condoms are made to decrease the sensitivity in the penis that extends the ejaculation time. Thick condoms with better latex material act better for the purpose. It delays the climax for a long duration.

9. Try Masturbating

Make a practice to masturbate an hour before you begin your sexual activity. It will help in preventing premature ejaculation during intercourse. Masturbation, right before sex might reduce your need and urge to reach the climax early. It will help you perform better in bed.

10. Avoid Intercourse for a While

It might be difficult for many men to control the urge of having intercourse during sexual activity. Sexual intercourse is not the only way to be sexually satisfied. But you must also try different activities to reach mutual satisfaction such as oral love-making. Delay intercourse for a while until your partner and you are satisfied sexually. After which you can plan your penetration without the frustration of ejaculating early.

11. Consult your Doctor

Consult Doctor to improve premature Ejaculation
Consult Doctor for Premature Ejaculation

If any of the natural remedies are not working upon solving your premature ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction problem, then you must consult your doctor right away. There is a possibility of certain health problems that might be affecting your sexual performance. Your doctor will advise you with the right medication and exercises to overcome sexual dysfunction.

12. Lidocaine Spray

Just like the creams, Lidocaine Spray is also a medicinal remedy for the treatment of premature ejaculation. You need to use the spray on your penis before 15 minutes of sexual intercourse. It reduces the hypersensitivity in the penis and also desensitizes it for a while. It works best in holding an erection for a long time. There are certain side effects of the Lidocaine Spray such as sensitivity loss or reduced libido. These are mild and do not last for long.

13. ED medications

Effective ED Medication to not Cum Fast
ED Medication Not to Cum Fast

Drugs or ED Medications are another successful remedies by the medical experts in treating the ED. The ED drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis increases the blood flow in the body by clearing the blockage in the blood arteries. Unrestricted blood flow in the body is the key to get a prolonged erection.

These medications, with the right dosage, can hold erection up to four hours and prevents premature ejaculation. Consume these pills at least one hour before any sexual activity, giving it time to show effect in your body. These pills show their effect once you are sexually stimulated.

You need to consult your doctor before you can consume these pills as over dosage can be risky and lead to adverse health conditions. For heart patients who are taking nitrate, medicines must avoid consuming these pills at any cost. The mixture of nitrate medicines with these ED drugs can drop the body blood pressure to dangerous levels, increasing the risk of a heart attack.

Some of the popular medications are: 


14. Chinese Medications

Yimusake Tablets and Qilin Pills are two popular Chinese herbal medications effective in treating premature ejaculation. It also improves sexual energy and stamina. These medications show positive outcomes in treating sexual problems but also show some side effects such as dizziness or stomach pain. It is recommended to consult a physician or medical expert before you take these pills as a remedy to your sexual problems.


These are 14 most effective tips that are essential for preventing premature ejaculation and permanently cure Erectile Dysfunction. If you are unsure about any of the above medication, then you must consult your doctor right away. Proceed only with the prescribed medications. If your doctor advises you with some forms of exercise, then prepare yourself to follow it strictly to cure your sexual dysfunction.

The Ed medications such as 150 mg viagra, Cialis 20 mg, and cialis 40 mg come in various dosage amounts. The doctors will prescribe you with the lowest dosage to see if your body responds to it. High dosage without the necessity increases the chance of side effects. If you are depressed of your sexual dissatisfaction in bed, then it is high time you must start working on using these remedies to extend your climax duration during sexual activity.