Male Erectile Dysfunction (N52) and ICD-10

erectile dysfunction N52

A newly published WHO report mentioned, that ICD-10 code N52. 9 is considered an unspecified erectile dysfunction in male patients.

ED is a common disorder among 30 million men in the USA. Indeed, the report says, 15% of the total men suffer from this disorder each year. The numbers can increase up to 335 million men by 2025. Honestly, ED is common after a certain age. Most commonly, men after their 50s tend to suffer more from this dysfunction. Patients can perform satisfying sex during this stage due to their poor physical condition. However, there are several effective treatments available for ED. Still, oral medications are the best solution for this disease. Below we give you a detailed guide about male erectile dysfunction, causes, and treatments. 

Erectile Dysfunction (N52) and ICD-10

International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a globally used diagnosis, diseases, and health condition code. WHO (world health organization) developed the following attributions for representing certain diseases, critical conditions, and possible diagnoses. Indeed, the codes are maintained by the CDC’s national care. They published the health statistics by the following codes under the authorization of WHO. Under the ICD codes, several diseases and possible diagnoses are mentioned with specific codes. For example, N00-N08 represents Glomerular diseases with 5 indications, Which can be treated by 140 drug types. Similarly, male genital issues come under the N40-N53 section. While N52 is the indication of male erectile dysfunction.

For male erectile dysfunction, N52 has six Subcodes, the followings are:

N52.0Vasculogenic erectile dysfunctionBlockage in arteries makes trouble to drive blood in the penis
N52.1Erectile dysfunction due to diseases classified elsewherePoor penile erection that creates trouble in intercourse
N52.2Drug-induced erectile dysfunctionCertain drugs that may trigger ED in men
N52.3Postprocedural erectile dysfunction-EDED patients who suffer from prostate cancer
N52.8Other male erectile dysfunctionOther causes that rigger ED
N52.9Male erectile dysfunction, unspecifiedUnrecognizable condition

What is Male Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that causes poor erection in the penis. During this stage, blood vessels go weaker and thinner. Thus, sufficient blood doesn’t flow through the penis muscle. That’s why patients’ sexual arousal goes weeker timely. In this case, the patient can’t maintain a firm erection or suffer from low sexual desire.

Indeed, erectile dysfunction varies on your physical, mental, and social health. Certain diseases, medications, lifestyles, and mental issues can trigger ED in men. Besides, there is a certain age (75 years old) when men lose their erection ability permanently. However, it is common after age, but still, the possibilities can come earlier.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable or Not?

Common reasons/causes behind erectile dysfunction

There are several reasons available behind male erectile dysfunction. Generally, it depends on your mental, and physical health. Certain diseases, medications, surgeries, and lifestyles can trigger the dysfunction. So below are the common reasons behind the male sexual disorder.

Certain age

After a certain age, ED is common in men. Patients in their 50s tend to suffer more from the disorder. During this stage, the patient’s body goes through several changes. The most common are hormonal imbalance, weak muscles, damaged organs, diseases, etc. All these factors tend to trigger ED in men. The report says males after their 40s go through lower testosterone levels. In this case, the patients lose their desire or sexual attraction timely. Many evidence shows that approx 40% of males experience erectile dysfunction during their 40s.

Bad lifestyle

This is the most common reason behind male sexual disorder. Addictions, bad food habits, and fewer physical exercises can cause several internal changes. The most common is poor sex life and diseases. Doctors strictly suggest avoiding addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. All these substances negatively affect your body. Scientifically, tobacco & alcohol can make arteries and vessels weaker and thinner. As a result, sufficient blood doesn’t flow throughout the body including the penis muscle. In this case, patients can experience poor sex drive or lower libido. In addition, foods are also crucial for Health. Deficient nutrients can also reduce sex hormone levels in your function.

Certain diseases


      High blood pressure

      Poor heart health

      chronic kidney disease

      Prostate surgery and more

Above are the most common diseases that directly interlink with erectile dysfunction. All these challenges can occur with low libido or poor sexual attraction. Besides, several internal damages are happening to patients’ bodies. As a result, your sexual life can worsen if not treated timely. In this case, patients should consult with doctors. Take accurate suggestions and timely consume prescribed medications. Otherwise, the challenges can occur with permanent health issues.

Medication side effects

      Medications that increased urine flow


      Muscle relaxants

      Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

      Chemotherapy medications



      high blood pressure drugs


      Prostate cancer drugs

      Anti-seizure medications

Above are the common medications that can trigger ED in men. All these pills are highly formulated and interlink with several side effects. Consult with a doctor before taking such drugs.

Poor mental health

This is another most common reason behind sexual dysfunction. Poor mental health can cause hormonal imbalance in the patient’s body. Depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety, etc are common mental health issues. All these challenges are directly interlinked with erection problems in men. During this stage, testosterone level goes down, sufficient blood doesn’t flow throughout the body, and patients feel energy loss all day long. As a result, your sexual attraction goes weeker timely. That’s why consulting with doctors is vital at this stage. An expert will guide you and suggest the best treatment for your health.

Treatment Opt. for Male Erectile Dysfunction (N52)

There are several treatments available for male sexual dysfunction. However, oral medications are the top priority of doctors. Besides, there are other few options available against the disease. So below are the following treatments:

Lifestyle changes

The first thing recommended in the clinical information about the underlying disorder is, that it can be treated by adapting to a more physically active and healthy lifestyle. However, to understand this, it is essential to first have the know-how.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that comes with aging. It is said that with aging, penile blood arteries begin to narrow; due to physical health issues, sometimes the emotional aspect plays a role here too. Healthy lifestyle changes are always great to push better erections naturally. Adopting some good lifestyle habits such as regular exercise, a nutritious diet, yoga, meditation, and quitting smoking and alcohol could help. The positive changes in lifestyle this way begin to improve arterial health. As a result, it uplifts the mood for better sexual arousal and indulgence during intercourse.

Oral medications

PDE-5 inhibitors are the most popular ED drugs for men. These are oral pills that are shallow before sex. This drug’s chemical substance quickly boosts sexual attraction in the patient’s body. Scientifically, PDE-5 inhibitors are a group of medicines that create space in vessels. As a result, sufficient blood flows through the penis muscles. So patients experience long-lasting desires. Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, Stendra, and Cenforce are the most popular and effective ED pills for men.

Penile injection

This is the riskiest but most effective ED treatment for men. Penile injection is suggested by doctors if oral medications do not work. During the treatment, patients insert a sharp needle into their penis. After that, they inject the liquid to make the penis erect. These treatments also work to firm vassals. So that blood should flow adequately.


N52.9 clinical information also issues an advisory on what to do when you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or ED. However, it is not a treatment but is worth a consideration. In some cases, approved oral medications and lifestyle changes might not help, and seeking a doctor’s help is required. Later on, it depends on the doctor how he or she diagnoses the underlying disease and treats it. Most commonly, they may prefer options such as penile implants or DIY enlargement pumps.


This is the last stage for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Patients should visit the nearest doctor’s clinic for the following treatment and consult with them.


So above are the detailed guides about Male Erectile Dysfunction. Keep in mind that aging is the most common reason behind such disorders.

Sometimes, a certain prescribed treatment might not work for you; but these male erectile dysfunction ICD – 10 codes could help you better analyze your sexual health and look for a good treatment option. Besides, several factors depend on it. Immediately consult with a doctor if you have any severe issues.


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