Does Sex Count as Exercise or Workout?

does sex count as exercise

So the question is: does sex count as exercise? It depends on (talking about) psychological changes which are similar in both. Still, some people believe that exercise can offer a long-term physiological improvement over sex. Indeed, the ability of intercourse does not last for a long time. So below are the importance and disadvantages of sex.

Does Sex Similar to Exercise?

In fact, the physiological response to sex is similar to that of exercise. Landmark studies in the 1960s showed people having sex had an increase or improvement in their health. The report says yes. Indeed, sexual intercourse offers similar effects as exercise. Patients’ bodies can experience improved heart rate, blood pressure, and repository system. All these responses also occur while you exercise. Doctors say sex is more than an exercise. Timely intercourse can reduce physical stress by up to 75%, more than workouts. Still, muscular exercise is the primary component of human health. It can not be achieved from sex. During sex, the male body goes through more physical activity than the women. However, we can’t deny the muscular health that comes from the intense training sessions.

Why Does sex count as exercise?

Because of Similar outcomes in sex and workouts. Sex is important for every human to begin with. This exercise has several health benefits, both mentally and physically. Performing sex regularly is good for your overall health. However, desire and physical strength are important for such activity. After a certain age patients may lose their sexual interest. In this case, taking certain medications are beneficial for most patients. Drugs like Cialis (tadalafil) work effectively to boost penis erection quickly. Still, a doctor’s suggestion is needed while taking these drugs. So below are the benefits you get by performing sex.

Relieve stress

As mentioned earlier, sex can effectively reduce your stress level by up to 75%. The report says the male body manages stress by performing more physical activity. Most importantly, Sexual intercourse is recognized as a workout. So whenever you find stress, anxiety, or negative thoughts, try to achieve intimacy with your partner. Otherwise, you can perform intense activities every day.

Maintain Blood pressure

The report says the male body suffers more from high blood pressure than women. According to a study, patients who are more active in sexual intercourse suffer less from the disease. Besides, you can also perform regular exercise to overcome such irregularity in blood pressure. Both sex and workouts keep your heart healthy. That’s why sufficient blood flows through the body.

Good sleep cycle

It is common to get more peaceful sleep after having sex. What’s the science behind such an outcome? The release of oxytocin hormone. This brain chemical calms your mind and eliminates negative thoughts quickly. So that patients can take a proper good night’s sleep after sex. Indeed the sleep quality can also be improved by stretching or yoga exercises.

Reduce the risk of serious illness

The report says, One out of 41 men died due to prostate cancer. In the USA, this is the second leading health issue among men. Certain studies show timely ejaculation may help reduce the chances of such illness. However, the evidence is insufficient to conclude the report. Still, timely exercise can prevent cancer by eliminating inflammation and improving the immune system.

Remove pain

During sex with patients, the body realizes several hormones. The most common are oxytocin and endorphins. These brain chemicals can reduce physical pain sincerely. A Patient’s body can also relieve severe illnesses like chronic pain due to such hormones.

Live longer and happy

A Healthy body lives longer and happier than others. Both sex exercises count as physical or muscular activity. The male body gets the best health benefits from such conditions. Maintaining blood pressure, improving heart health, etc can effectively boost your lifespan.

Disadvantages of having sex every day

For most couples, once a week is expected. However, it depends on the patient’s age, physical condition, and desire. People aged between 20-30 performs more sex ( twice a week ) than others. So what are the Disadvantages of having sex every day? Honestly, there is no scientific evidence to prove such a claim. Regular sex is not influenced your mental and physical health negatively. Many experts say regular intercourse is acceptable and beneficial For your health. It helps to improve your cardiovascular health relationship and sexual interest. Still, the excess is never good for health. Too much sex can also lead to specific physical issues in the future.

Best exercises for sex (power increase)

Physical activity improves overall health effectively. It helps to gain more muscles and keep your weight managed. Besides, there are several health benefits, including timely exercise. Most importantly, sex power or stamina on the bed. So below are the workouts for sex power increase.


These Indian-style workouts are known for mental, physical, and spiritual developments. Yoga poses like happy baby, bridge pose, corpse, etc. enhance your sexual stamina.

Fast walking

Aerobic exercise reduces the chances of getting erectile dysfunction. Fast walking helps to improve blood circulation and prevent heart attacks effectively. All these benefits can influence your sexual performance positively.


This exercise is best known for weight management and core muscle improvement. Swimming can effectively better your sexual technique and power to impress your partner.

Weight lifting

These are high-intensity workouts that involve overall physique improvement. Strengthening your shoulder, chest, arm, and abs can enhance stamina so that you can last longer in bed every time.

Besides these physical exercises, patients can also take medications for sex power. Levitra 40mg is the most popular prescription drug for men. This oral pill quickly boosts penis erection and enhances the ability to perform longer sex in bed.


So now you know why sex count as exercise. Similar outcomes are the reasons behind such statements. Remember, sexual intercourse may provide expected health benefits as workouts. Still, it can last longer, like physical exercise. Workouts are the primary solution for maintaining a healthy physique. Still, sex is an essential and influential physical exercise with many health benefits.