How to Make Your Penis Bigger?

Penis Stretching Device

Sex, as most of us are already aware of, is the ultimate physical manifestation of love. An entire adventure in an hour’s time and a wonderful period of smart adrenaline rush. And quite as much risky – with multiplied heartbeats, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, more frequently shot nerve signals – thus a set of almost extremely irritated nerve fibres; – further sweating and with as much strength applied as if one weighs something that is at least three times their normal body weight.

Quite, quite risky indeed! But it is because Yoga and Sex is so much fun that anyone hardly prefers missing any chance at it. Moreover, people have by far taken further steps so as to discover the secrets behind a way more awesome, or perfect, sex at least every other time they have it.

What is it that People Want?

From change in positions (who steps below! who stands aboard!) to using lubes (lubricants) to excitatory drugs to even looking for ways to achieve a ‘bigger penis’ (a really nice rod) or a ‘younger vagina’ and ‘larger breasts’ (nice, shapely jugs). And people look out for these things so much that roughly more than half the ads over the internet can be found suggesting you how to get a bigger penis (a 7-inch or a 9-inch one) or way more nicely shaped breasts. But are these ‘achievements’ really very necessary?

A lot of times, no, and many a time, yes. Although a bigger penis is not a necessity because it does not so much as affect how you have sex or how nicely you can have it. However, it certainly affects some people’s ‘heads’ (rather metaphorically than literally). For example, a girl invites attention from the very first look at her because nobody knows how good you are in bed just by looking at you – but looking at you does tell a lot because of the sex appeal you deliver. Doesn’t it?

bigger penis

Why Do You Need a Bigger Penis?

Quite similarly as breasts, in case of sex appeal, are known to be a man’s abs, but more importantly it is the penis that decides the game. A smaller or a droopier penis can turn your partner from the very start of your romantic ‘outrage’. So, shouldn’t it be ‘fitting’ enough?

As you must know, sex is a game of mutual satisfaction; and as it has been, quite like our penises, the vagina of every female could vary in depth too, thus deciding the exact degree of satisfaction.

Now, the problem really arises when ‘the man’ has too small a penis or a too slick one to fill ‘her’ up whole.

How to ‘Achieve’ a Bigger Penis?

Penis size

And so here comes the thing! And, to stand in the clear, there are quite a few ways to get to it. Although there are quite a few methods to get yourself an inch or two increased, they are all very dangerous and painful, and in the hindsight, mostly useless. So to say, there’s still no such magic way that could help you achieve whatever is not in your capacity. So, the game is still about what You are capable of, and thus about maximizing ‘your thing’ up to its extreme limits. Although there are quite a few methods to get yourself an inch or two increased, they are all very dangerous and painful, and in the hindsight, mostly useless.

Yet, the best options apart from the painful, dangerous and useless methods are, as we find, Viagra 150mg (it’s really a thing about time) and stretching. Viagra, you already know — it’s doses, pros and cons; but what do you know about ‘stretching’.

What Does Penis Stretching Mean?

Penis stretching, in its literal terms, is the use of hands or any device to increase the girth or the length of your penis. Although the results are usually only minimal, or sometimes even only temporary, there have been stated evidences stretching can result to a larger size.

So, as with almost every other goody these days, don’t expect unusually highly out of this method. At least not before you’ve used it once or twice.

How Is It that Penis Stretching Works?

penis stretching

Because you are basing almost all of your adventurous fun on this thing, you certainly need to be sure about how you are treating it. There’re suggestions all around on the internet about doing it right, but what you also need to know is that much of the evidence around penis stretching is only anecdotal — more fun than fact.

So, not everyone is going to give you the precisely right advice because, although many of us might be hoping to try it right away, most of us only deem these ideas to be hoaxes and ‘hearsays’.But isn’t there any advice that is right? There is! You might like to try a few exercises and also know what devices you might buy someday.

Penis Enlargement Remedy

Penis Enlargemaent

Do you know that 92% of Women prefer you to have a penis that’s over 8 inches? If you have a bigger penis will make you appear more attractive to his partner, it will make you better sexually and you will feel more powerful, masculine and attractive. think about this if you have smaller penis then your penis size affects how much a woman loves you, because orgasms release the love-hormones that make her addicted to you? You’re jeopardizing your self-confidence, your current and future relationships and your sexual performance by rejecting the chance of penis enlargement. use these remedy to enlargement your penis.

Exercises for Penis Stretching

Exercises, in the ones we do not go for the machines, involve using your hand to massage the tissues along the entire length of your now small (larger later)‘shaft’. Such exercises are meant to stretch the skin and create extremely small ‘tears’ in the penile tissues. The tissues thus tend to appear a bit swollen as they gradually heal, and so your penis looks slightly longer.

Some exercises on the other hand have also claimed to increase the girth of a penis. Girth exercises are also centered around tissue massage, one of the fine examples of which is jelqing. It is believed to improve the size of the erection you bear, by providing massages to the penis in ways that stretch it and improve the normal blood flow that it receives. Although the technique is known across the world now, it actually comes from the ancient middle-east.

The eminent truth however is that consistency is the key even to maintaining either of these specific effects, as it is in case of a number of other things. But then, also, these are a number of ‘manual’ exercises and so are ones without machines. What, still, are the other options?

Devices for Penis Stretching:


Although after a number of research, and with researchers having studied various penile extension devices, it hasn’t yet been very clearly put how well the devices might work.

For example, to begin with the penis pump,it is an air-filled, cylindrical,chamber that the user is supposed to attach to their pelvic area during sexual activities. This is so because penis pumps tend to produce an immediate erection. Some anecdotes, on a further extent, also suggest that their consistent use can increase the length of one’s penis, eventually.

On the other hand, there are also quite a few penile traction devices that are popular. To modify its existing curvature, traction devices are supposed to pull on your penis. Traction devices have been used to treat Peyronie’s disease, which is a connective tissue disorder that involves the growth of fibrous plaques in the penis’ soft tissue. However, more research is yet needed to determine how effective those actually are.

But then, is it all? Most certainly not! There are always some instructions we need to go through so as to avoid any mishaps — else things might not turn out well.

How Would You Stretch Safely?

Safely Stretching

To be honest, there is zero harm in going for stretching exercises. Regarding the size of your penis and its appearance, as a result of these exercises, they may even make you feel comfortable with it. But what you need to be sure about is whether you are doing it right.

So, before you get things wrong, have a look:

Regarding Manual Stretching 

— Do these exercises only while you are flaccid, and while sitting or standing against a wall or table.
— Do these exercises only once or twice a day to avoid any sort of injury, and if the exercise causes pain or discomfort, make sure to stop (and talk to your doctor).

Regarding using Stretching Devices

— It’s safe to masturbate or have sex during while using a penis pump.
— While using a traction device, you may leave your penis in its stretched position for up to 6 hours a day.
— Stop pulling your penis while using any of the devices if it aches or starts to feel uncomfortable.


Research on the techniques that are used for penis stretching is limited. And the studies that have been done by far about permanently lengthening the penis, none of those point to any one technique as being particularly effective. A temporary increase, however, may be possible when in case of the size.

Finally, one rather contradictory but already established note: the ‘fact’, or misconception, that has been fed to us by the sheeny-shiny porn industry about more pleasure being based on and achieved by bigger penis is entirely, flatly wrong. Instead, a 2017 study concludes that combinations — one of deep kissing, genital stimulation and good oral sex — are way more likely to get your partner the most right way than a bigger penis.

So, as it is, sex is more so a game of methods than of apparent sizes. However, what you also need to be quite clear about is whether it is just your penis size that is the issue or if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction that is resulting in a droopy penis. On the brighter side, in any of the two cases, you now know what you have to do — it is either a stretching exercise or Viagra 100mg, initially! Because size may be the right choice, but choose it right.

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