Yoga and Sex – How are They Related?

Yoga and Sex – How are They Related

At some point in time, we all have come to wonder about Yoga as a straight path to good sex!

The way we see yoga instructors maintain a healthy body is appealing. Their well-crafted moves and the glow on their skin are a reflection of how fulfilling their lives have been. And then a question pops up in my mind. Does working out for hours on a mat give a person the level of satisfaction and peace we see on the faces of yoga instructors, or it is something else? Well, the answer is a fulfilling sex life!

Indeed an amazing sex life, much like yoga, can give glowing skin, peace, and fulfillment. So, is it true? Are they actually related to each other? Or are they just two different ways to attain the same goals? Yoga is indeed an answer to not just a healthy and fulfilling life but to great sex too. Continue reading to know more about yoga and sex – how are they related

What Are the Connection Between Yoga and Sex!

Yoga is about having a fulfilling experience of body, mind, and soul. And this very much also describes sex for some people! Apparently, something about Yoga and Sex is so connected that one makes the other enjoyable!

Regular practice of yoga comes with its own set of benefits-improved posture, the balanced weight, flexibility, increased lung capacity, glowing skin, hormonal balance, mindfulness, etc. But one distinct benefit that all Yogis must have been experiencing is consummating sex life! And if that is true, we don’t mind getting up early in the morning to do some poses on the mat.

Everyone is aware of the fact that a good workout routine can enhance one’s energy levels, confidence, and body posture. But when it comes to yoga, there is more to it than just physical benefits. Yoga is an experience from within that deeply enhances the quality of life. There are indescribable benefits of yoga on sexual health. And if you have been looking for ways to perfect your sex life – yoga is for you!

The Mula Bandh is Nothing but Kegel Exercises in Action!

Kegel exercises are recommended by doctors worldwide for improving sex lives and treating erectile dysfunction, impotence, etc. And if you look at some of the Mula Bandha poses in yoga, you will realize that these are nothing but kegel exercises in action. Yoga offers a full-body muscle experience in most of the poses. The person is required to practice working out by lifting their own weight.

This goes on to strengthens the sphincter muscles and the muscles that take control of urination. Working out regularly on these muscles helps a person experience better orgasms. For men, it’s a rewarding experience to get their erections right. Much better than what they would attain being on ED drugs like levitra 60mg!

If this is not inspiring enough to start rolling out the mat – nothing else is!

Yoga and Sex

Mindfulness For Better Orgasms

Yoga is about mindfulness. There is awareness about your body’s feel, its core, its energy, and the whole aura around you. There is attention to every part of your body and its experience as you take each breath.

And when you combine this active alignment of feelings with the body during sexual intercourse – aren’t we talking about a fulfilling sexual experience? Well, when you do yoga instead of just focusing on how you look or how you moan, the focus is more on the intimacy between the couple. And this is both deeply satisfying and enigmatic!

We say, forget Femigra or Lovegra – hop on the mat and do some yoga!

Awakens Your Sexy Self

Awakens Your Sexy Self!

A good workout makes you sweat a lot and thus, helps you experience your skin and beauty like never before. A good yoga session, however, makes you flexible and uses your own body to increase resistance. The poses, thus, awaken you and open up a lot of knots from the inside. There is more confidence, awareness, and, the ability to feel sexy about self. A good yoga session, therefore, doesn’t just heat up the body but the temperatures in your bedroom too.To Get Better Sex Use Home Remedies to Get a Guy Hard

Note: This is something that not even the most powerful virility drugs like 150mg viagra or Levitra can provide!

Yoga Poses or Sex Positions

Your ability to touch your toes with your nose can be put to better use. If you look at the mighty book of Kamasutra, a lot of sex positions would look like an extension of yoga poses. There is a connection between the both. And that is about your ability to get into the sex positions with as much confidence as into the yoga poses.

These yoga poses enhance sexual skills and strengthen the muscles so that you don’t struggle with flexibility on the bed. Therefore, if you are good at the butterfly pose, the cobra pose, or even a warrior pose – you are sure to be a warrior getting laid too!

Flow of Energy

Heavenly Flow of Energy

Yoga is, after all, a form of exercise. It helps to increase energy levels and keep your body active. For all the sleepy sloppy people who have been craving better sex stamina, yoga is all you need. It helps people regulate their sleeping patterns, get active, and load themselves on energy enough to steam things up in the bedroom. And believe it or not, Yoga can unlock a lot of stress inside you, helping you become a more open and active person.

With so much flow of energy inside you – it’s a heavenly experience to indulge in sexual intercourse!

Balances out Life

Lifestyle problems can take a toll on you! Routine issues like backache, headache, cramps, hormonal imbalances, etc. must not be on your list of items to experience while you are getting laid. With a good yoga session of about 45 minutes, you can alleviate your life from these symptoms.

Women experiencing period problems like cramps, heavy flows, and mood swings are also known to get relief from the severity of it with regular yoga practice. Yoga helps balance out life, hormones, and stress to give relaxation to the body. This, in turn, is a good contributing factor to experiencing better orgasms.


Yogasms – The one That Truly Feels like Magic!

To be able to enjoy sex best, one needs to be fully present in the moment. The true magic of intimacy is – when your mind is clear, there aren’t any physical tensions, and you are at the best of your emotional self. However, anxiety, depression, restlessness, etc. can disrupt the experience you are about to have in bed. Yoga helps to relax and cures mental and emotional instability with a smooth flow of poses.

A full-body vinyasa is capable of fighting anxiety and other mental pressures. Thus, keeping you away from anything that is unhealthy to your mind, body, or your sex life! A true Yogasm is the one that comes when sex combines with the benefits of yoga!

Partner Yoga – the Nirvana Point!

Imagine a couple sharing the same flexibility, awareness, muscle strength, and sex drive! The intimacy in this couple is bound to be of profound joy, excitement, and as fulfilling as one would have ever thought of. Yoga improves the sexual health of both men and women. Yoga with your partner can help derive the best of both worlds into your relationship. The level of intimacy here can build trust and connection, and definitely take your sex life to greater heights. Last, to say, the orgasms are nothing short of nirvana!

Roll out Mats

Roll out Your Mats!

Yoga makes you more receptive to the sensations that your body feels. It makes you mindful. It helps you improve your virility, hormonal balance, and flexibility. It also provides you with a healthy body and great-looking skin. But most importantly, yoga helps you experience better sex – one which combines your mindfulness, body awareness, flexibility, and strength. To say the least, if you are truly a Yogi – you are kicking your libido to the core!

So,  roll out your mats and get your butts moving – you are in for more than just fitness!


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