How to Maintain an Erection?

maintain erection

“Sex is an emotion in motion.” Yet many guys are unable to express it thoroughly due to the inability to erect penis. Erectile Dysfunction is common these days among men where they cannot initiate the insertion process, leaving their partner unsatisfied in bed. People now and then look for solutions on How to Maintain an Erection for a great sex life as erectile dysfunction not only ruining the sexual satisfaction of both the partners but also personal relationships.

Fret not guys! Fixing the deflated penis is not that tough and achieving a completely erect penis like never before is just a few medications, remedies and physical activities away. Be patient and have faith.

      Let the Pills Rock Your World

Sex enhancing drugs keeps up the erection for a longer period of time. If you’re looking for how to get hard instantly then these pills are the suitable option. Viagra and Cialis are well-known sex correcting medicines that not only activates penis instantly but also helps to maintain a strong erection. It’s strictly advised to have these after doctor’s consultation. Viagra wears within 4 to 6 hours whereas Cialis lasts up to 18 hours. Those who are unable to maintain erection and ejaculate can have appropriate consumption of Cialis as it naturally improves the condition down thereby improving blood circulation and makes a person capable of having a normal sex life without depending on such pills. Now a day’s doctors recommend generic pills, they are made with an active ingredient of Cialis that is Tadalafil and in Viagra it’s Sildenafil. It is discovered by many experts that generic pills are a better substitute as these pills work faster and better.

Keeping an Erection Without Pills is as Easy as Pie

Why depend on pills when a person can maintain an erection naturally. There are many ways to get rid of the deflated penis and get hard as a rock. From numerous physical activities to super-foods and home remedies all these hacks absolutely got you covered.

  • Physical Activities

    In terms of intercourse, the aim of physical activities is to regulate the blood flow in the system and enhance flexibility for superb sex. The best way to enhance your sexual self along with mind, body, and soul is yoga. Yoga and Sex are somehow connected to one another. Both sex and yoga contribute in the hormonal balance, the awakening of inner self, release of energy and a happy soul. The benefits of yoga in terms of sex are massive. Practicing this ancient art each day strengthens the muscle making body strong and flexible. Asians like lotus position or padawan, mule bandh, and dhanurasana regulate the flow of blood directly to the groin area to improve deflated penis.

physical activities

Apart from yoga, physical activities like exercises, Pilates, swimming also improve erection naturally.

  • Super-foods are Saviours

The vanity contains many eatables that not only enhance the overall health of the body but also boost sex power. Fruits with high water content and are citrus like lemon, watermelon, oranges, and berries prevent the softening of the penis that means these fruits will eliminate the chances of impotence. Whereas spices like ginger, garlic, cinnamon will enhance the blood circulation in every corner of the body promoting high flow down there to improve deflated penis. All the super-foods mentioned will boost the sex drive and also help to maintain the erection strong naturally.

  • Oils to the Rescue

Massage is the best way to activate the rush of blood all over the body. The blood circulates evenly carrying oxygen to every organ. With the usage of therapeutic oils and homemade packs. The condition down there will improve and getting hard won’t be that hard. To know more about such aromatic oils click the link below. (link of therapeutic oils to enhance sex drive.

“Everything is good if it’s natural” Pills are better for the instant use but depending upon them isn’t great for a long run. Maintaining erection without pills won’t only fix the soft penis but also improve overall health. Apart from the above mentioned natural ways to maintain an erection and have proper ejaculation a person must take precautions from their side as well. Things to keep in mind are –

  • have a Good Lifestyle

A person should be disciplined enough to wake up on time and devote some time in physical activities. Day schedule should be in such a way that they get an adequate amount of work, sleep and rest.

  • Indulge in Healthy Eating Habits

Everyone loves to indulge in junk food but nobody loves it’s after effects on the body. After effects mainly include poor sex life and laziness. To avoid all of it eat healthy food which Is less in cholesterol have an adequate amount of sugar in it. Fruits and green leafy veggies are the best choices to fix the impotence.

healthy eating

  • Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Such things gradually ruins the body inside out making body weak and dull. These two cause problems in ejaculation and produce bad quality semen.


There’re times when issues like erectile dysfunction can ruin relationships and mental health followed by dissatisfaction. The fire that is needed incompatibility is lacking due to the soft penis which fails to achieve an erection. One must never lose hope and have a positive outlook as erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men and with the advancement in medical science people can easily maintain an erection with the help of Cialis that keep the erection strong for a longer period of time so that people can have a normal sexual life. There are many other ways that can improve and maintain an erection without pills. The most suitable way to fix the deflated penis is to get indulge in physical activities like yoga and exercises. They are the major contributors to enhancing blood circulation in the body. With the specific asanas and exercises like dhanur asana and legal exercise respectively will divert the blood flow in groin area making the penis active, flexible and healthy. Apart from physical activities adding super-foods in diet can do wonders.

The ancient technique of massage is known to open and active the organs by intensifying the circulation of blood all over the body is still come in use for optimum results. Massaging with the help of therapeutic oils for some time can actually improve the condition don there making the penis hard and healthy. Other than that having a healthy lifestyle is a must with good habits like ditching alcohol and nicotine. This will improve the quality of semen and ease out the ejaculation process. So guys with so many options you can easily get hard and achieve a great erection with or without medications to have a great sex life.

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