How to Have Sex? 5 Sex Tips for Men!

How to have sex

Great sex isn’t just a bodily need but also an intimate way to connect to your partner. For the beginners, it’s a way to unravel their fantasies, while others there is always a hunt for something more exciting and satisfying. And no matter how proficient you are in the act, there is always some space for improvement.

Men, especially, take their performance on the bed as a challenge. Doing it right and keeping things heated up between the two is utterly important. So right when you are getting intimate with your partner and about to share some intimate moments together, you might need a little guidance on How to Have Sex actually. Here is a little guide on how to take things ahead, indulge in sexual intercourse and have a satisfying experience.

Talk Openly About Sex

How to have sex

 Mostly all of us are habituated to drop subtle hints to our partners about our interest into sexual intercourse. But after a certain point, it is always good to connect with the person intimately and express our desires to them. Talking to your partner openly about sex builds up a strong connection that makes your time on the bed more worthy and enjoyable.

When it comes to women, some look for strong connections while others just insist on incredible sexual intercourse. No matter what you are looking for, conveying your interests and confirming on theirs is the key to move ahead.

From asking them on how they feel about you or what they want to try on the bed to what excites them the most, subtle talks can lead to heated up feelings which can end up in great sex. Discussing sex, talking about fantasies and making moves to fulfill them can be a great way, to begin with your pleasures and make the most of your bond.

P.S. Consent is the key! Always affirm to your partner’s choices and willingness before taking things to the bedroom.

Indulge in Foreplay

How to have sex

Nothing like good foreplay! The time when you actually connect to the smell of a person, touch their skin and truly get aroused is when you are about to have the best sex of your life. Women take their own time to get aroused. And to keep things entertaining for the both of you, it’s important to cuddle, foreplay, explore each other and express your desires in a sensuous style. Foreplay raises the temperatures and increases passionate desires which ultimately lead to a craving that only ends up with a good performance on the bed.

There are no set tricks that would work on everyone. Foreplay allows you to know what excites your partner!

The idea is to not rush into it as soon as you get arousal or an erection. Take your own time playing around with touches and sensations that cast feelings of passion and sensuousness. Go slow on your moves and enjoy the ecstasy elegantly.

Experiment With New Sex Positions

How to have sex

Women like to take control too! There is no other way of knowing it than exploring yourself! Sex can get boring with the regular missionary style. Try to twist up with your regular schedules and indulge in new positions. Don’t be afraid to introduce something new to your sex life. Change your location from bed to the couch or table tops and experiment with new positions. The experiences will either be not enjoyable or spice up your sex life more. Either way, you get to share a lot of intimate moments with each other exploring the wild side of your partner.

Address Your Sexual Issues

how to have sex

For a healthy sex life, it is important to address your sexual health and wellness the most. While exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, addressing your sexual inhibitions and disorders are crucial. For people facing impotency and performance anxiety, doctors usually advise Doses of Viagra to experience better erections. Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor and a popular virility drug helpful in getting healthy erections upon sexual stimulation and the effects of it help men to indulge in penetrative sex easier. Take steps to talk to your partner and the doctor about erectile function and indulge into healthy sex.

Be more Spontaneous

Initiating sex at random places and random times is the most exciting way to boost someone’s passion. Doing it at the same time and the same place always can get boring. Try to surprise your partner by indulging into spontaneous moments of sex like a first thing in the morning session, a lunch break quickie, or even being creative with doing in at the backseat of the car or on the terrace. Take charge of your feelings and desires by initiating on sex spontaneously to truly experience the passion and attraction that it brings along.

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Sex can be your plan for the night or a random act of passion – but it has to have consented, passionate and enjoying. And so pick up some of these ideas and add them to your sex life for a thoroughly enjoying connection with your partner.

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