Home Remedies to Get a Hard Erection | Erectile Dysfunction

home remedies to get a hard erection erectile dysfunction

From simple diet modifications to big lifestyle changes, there is a lot you can do to improve your stamina in the sack! It’s an emotional turmoil – not performing well on the bed! And we would recommend keeping those pills away for a minute and taking multiple home remedies.

About 1 in 10 men suffer from erectile dysfunction. And almost all of them are even scared of coming to terms with it. The pressure to perform gets stressful each time and the need to get dirty down there meets no end.

But worry not! Here we are, with a list of Home Remedies to Get a Guy Hard naturally. They help you boost your performance, improve your sex drive and get a healthy erection that stays.

Home Remedies to Get a Hardness

Game Up with – Watermelon

Watermelon has been officially termed as the ‘Nature’s own Viagra’ by a team of experts In Italy. This is because Watermelon contains amino acids called citrulline which is known to contract and relax the blood vessels aiding in the smooth flow of blood in the body.

This summer fruit is known to have similar effects as any medications that help men improve their erectile dysfunction. The only need is to lay importance on quality consumption and use of the rings too. Just blend up a smoothie of watermelon with not just the fiber but the rinds too to get the most benefits. Boil this smoothie and reduce it to a half. Cool it and drink daily to get back on the bed with confidence.

Coffee – Gets That Energy Back

There is no doubt that Coffee can help you get through a lot. And believe it or not, it can be a booster in your performance on the bed too. The caffeine content in coffee breaks down the fat to release energy into the body! Increased metabolism keeps blood pumping faster making you more energetic at whatever you do. Did we say it can keep you going all night?

Most Viagra pills today contain caffeine which vouches for the increased flow of energy and ability to perform better. So, if you are a non-coffee person, try sipping on some coffee to give your sexual life a quick momentum!

The Berries – That Booster

Berry fruits contain large amounts of flavonoids. A lot of research has proved that consuming flavonoids, particularly flavones, flavanones, and anthocyanins helps men treat their erectile dysfunction.

Consuming berry fruits on a regular basis helps boost the flavonoids in the body to cure any underlying erectile dysfunctions. It also helps increase the antioxidant levels which aid in improving blood circulation and stamina.

From blackcurrants, strawberries, gooseberry, mulberry to raspberry, blueberry, etc., and more, there are many options to try this trick out!

Onion – an Ingredient for Power Sex

Onion is a flavorant and a popular libido enhancer. But, not many know of the latter! Onion can help in blood circulation improvement and also helps treat a lot of sex-related problems.

Onion has been known to show effective results in stopping premature ejaculation, loss of semen during night-falls, treating impotence, and most of all in keeping the guy hard for longer. Sexual performance is set to be on top-notch when your diet includes this wonderful flavourant.

Quick hack: Add it to your daily food to make the meals tastier while the desserts oomph on their own!

Rich Pleasure with – Pomegranate

An aphrodisiac, improving stamina and increasing sexual drive – pomegranate comes with its own sweet-sour taste and effects. The fruit is rich in its red color, tangy in taste, and definitely an ingredient for great sex.

The main reason for this effect is its nitric oxide content which opens up the blood vessels and increases the blood flow. This exotic fruit has more benefits than any other fruit to keep you going for a long time.

Banana – Much Like It

The similarity of the banana to the guy’s hard-on is not just for the shape – it’s the benefits too. Bananas contain high levels of potassium which helps boost the libido and cures a lot of erectile dysfunction issues. This contributes completely to the problem one might face to stick to a hard-on.

Bananas regulate energy levels, B Vitamins, and enzymes that contribute to making your next sexual encounter totally worth it.

Note:Medications have never been a permanent solution in the long run. You need to vouch for a doctor if you experience persistent effects of ED. He may suggest ED medications such as Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil) depending upon your condition but they won’t offer you a permanent solution, unlike natural remedies.

Increase Your Sex Drive with – Dates

Dates are very popular in Northern parts of Nigeria for their rich amino acid content. It’s a staple food there because it enhances overall wellness and sexual stamina. People experiencing a lack of sex drive are advised to munch on a few dried dates daily because the fruit helps fight the low energy levels and improve the sex drive too.

Regular consumption of date palm (khajoor) resolves the issue of soft erections or short-period erections. While the fruit is definitely a relish to munch on, the benefits will keep you sticking to it forever.

Drumsticks – the Ancient Source of Tonic

Ayurveda has it that Drumsticks are sexual tonics treating sexual debility and sterility. The power of drumsticks is stored in the fibrous layers and the seeds which are nothing short of a boon in making your nights active.

Drumsticks can be dried and powdered to make tonics or just made into soups to get their benefits. They have been used in treating impotence, thickening of semen, stopping premature ejaculation, and of course, maintaining a hard-on. Instead of just relying on medicine that contains drumstick extracts, rely on the natural forms to get the best effects.


Of course, home remedies work only when taken over a regular diet. But what works best is when you make the most of your efforts to steam up your bedroom scene. To get your guy a hard-on – Tease Him, heat up the moments through conversations, and try new ways to get into bed together. Because there is no better home remedy than spicing things up a little and letting hormones do their job!

A little surprise, interesting foreplay, and newer sex positions are bound to make generous impacts on your sex life, time and again. And until you whip up a new idea try these home remedies – little additions work a long way!




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