How to Get a Quick Erection After Ejaculating? Refractory Period

How to get a fast erection after ejaculation

You might have noticed that it’s troublesome or difficult to get hard once more? Not exclusively is it truly hard to go for cycle two right away and you may just not feel in the mindset for sex for anyplace from a couple of moments to a few hours. This is brought about by something many refer to as the refractory period. It is a timeframe that happens after you have intercourse in which you’re not mentally or truly inspired by sexual movement.

During this period, you ordinarily will not have a lot of sexual considerations. Regardless of whether your accomplice attempts to physically animate you, you likely won’t see a very remarkable actual reaction from your body. Now the question is how to get a quick erection. This text has some ways to shorten the recalcitrant period.

What Is the Refractory Period?

Once a man has achieved sexual climax, the next stage is the refractory period. It’s nothing but the time between the orgasm and the moment you again are ready to involve in sexual activity or get an erection.  You can also call it the resolution phase. Surprisingly, it’s not just bound to men but women too experience refractory periods. You can shorten this refractory period with help of medication for example  Cenforce 100mg. The refractory period comes at the fourth stage of the four-part sexual response. Here’s how this cycle works:-

  • Excitement: In this phase generally the heartbeat and breathing get faster and tension is produced among muscles. Blood initiates to move towards the pelvic muscles.
  • Plateau: Nextly the strain in your muscles grows continuously. For a man, the penis will get erect and testicles will pull up against the body.
  • Orgasm: After having intense sexual activity your muscles will relax and will turn red in some cases. Your body will grow weak to respond to any sexual activity and man will ejaculate.
  • Resolution: At this phase, the body will become low and won’t have any capacity to respond to any sexual stimulation. Its also known as the refractory period. At this phase, nobody can have sex and this might last from minutes to hours.

What’s the Average Refractory Period for Men?

There are no fixed numbers that the refractory period must last for a minute or two. This varies from person to person and the condition of their body. Various factors such as health, libido, and lifestyle could widely affect refractory periods. But generally, when compared, females experience a longer refractory period than males. Male experience sexual excitement faster than females. 

Males have a huge variance in terms of the refractory period that can range from minutes, hours, many hours, or even a day or longer. With passing age, the refractory period can vary from 12 to 24 hours even for a healthy man. This means that an aged man’s body needs a day to get aroused again.

The peripheral nervous system of males is majorly involved in the alterations that occur right after orgasm. The chemicals called prostaglandins have been produced that affect how your nerves respond. Also, somatostatin is a peptide that can contribute to the longer refractory period in men.

How to get a fast erection after ejaculation?

While you google for ways to shorten the how to get a quick erection and get an erection right after arousal you will find many ways. While all these ways might work for certain people, the research is not enough. Interestingly the strategies that boost overall health can also contribute to improving and shortening the refractory period. 

How to get a fast erection after ejaculation

Here are some ways to shorten the refractory period:-

Cardiovascular health

Damage to cardiovascular health leads to longer refractory periods . You will have to undertake activities that promote good heart health and improve your erections. Sexual functions depend on the healthy blood flow to the penis. The heart looks after blood flow. Hence prioritizing heart health will be a better idea to shorten the refractory period.

Maintain body weight

Obesity is the main reason that causes hindrance to the sexual function of both men and women. Undertaking exercise daily to say bye to fat is necessary if you want to shorten the refractory period. Have a healthy lifestyle that lets you come down to your ideal to establish a strong sexual coexistence. Consult a doctor and he might help you out with it.

Exercise regularly

You can get 30 minutes of exercise daily to maintain the overall health of the body. Particularly practicing kegel exercises could be very much beneficial. These exercises could strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that further enhance your capacity to have sex. It will not only shorten your refractory period but will also help you last longer in bed.

Eating regimen

Your body reacts to what you eat, and hence if you eat healthily your sexual capacity will increase. The majority of men these days are subjected to an ill eating regimen and that’s what is affecting their lives. You will have to consume a healthy diet that contains all nutrients and minerals needed to shorten the refractory period. You can also use tadalafil 40 mg with a sound eating regimen.

Is it harder to get an erection after ejaculating?

So, it’s perfectly normal to lose interest in sex and have difficulty getting an erection right after you orgasm and ejaculate. The recalcitrant period varies from one man to another, meaning it might take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for you to recover after sex.


Generally refractory period fluctuates from person to person, meaning it could take anyplace from a couple of moments to a few hours for you to recuperate after sex. If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or more established, it might even take the better piece of one day before you feel prepared to engage in sexual relations once more.


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