What Does Sex Feel Like?

what does sex feel like

Well, it can be complicated to explain what sex feels like the first time for men. But, there are a couple of things which every man has in common about their sexual experiences. Like you have heard it a thousand times, sex is an essential part of one’s life– so, one who is going to hit it the very first time, would want to know if he could know and manage things better.

Though, some things might not be in our control during sex– due to the intimacy and excitement, but yes, one can take measures to make his first sexual experience count.

We have attended many men who shared their first time sexual feelings, sexual fantasies, and their sexual lives.

Our sexologists closely observed men– however every man is different, there are some common things every man experience while their first sexual experience;

But, what are those experiences and how can they be enhanced?

Umm… maybe we could help.

What does sex feel like the first time for men?

sex for first time men

The experience definitely changes from man to man, but sex is considered to have many common encounters in men. Well, it is pretty awkward to explain how men generally feels during sex– but for men, it is kind of releasing their sexual tension.

For women, sex is a psychological need more than it is physical. But for men, it is a physical need. In men, testosterone levels keep fluctuating and causing random erections upon sexual stimulation. This builds up sexual tension and develops an urge to have sex– and one gets to his normal state until he reaches the climax.

Not going too in-depth, but the first time experience is a little rough but most satisfying as you reach the stage of real sex. Whatever you do while foreplay, it does nothing but gets you even harder and heighten sexual tension which you would want to release.

You get into sex and that in-out thing happens, you keep going until you hit the point of climax and finally release your tension. It puts a pit stop to your sexual desire which can be restored in minutes, hours, or days– accordingly to your age.

What is sex for men?

what is sex for men

Well, for men, sex is not just a psychological need, it is more than how we see it. With aging, it is a need that brings many changes in men. First time sex for women may have a completely different meaning than first time sex for men. Some common things that explain what sex is for men include;

Sex begins in the body

Where a woman’s sexual desire is popped out of her mind and emotional connection with someone, a man tend to have sexual intimacy while his testosterone levels push and drive him for sexual expression. An erection can occur anytime in men even upon a slight sexual stimulation. In young men, erections could occur ultimately and an adult can experience the same while he sees his wife or partner coming out of shower. A male body simply reacts on even slight arousal and our body chemistry directs the arousal to our stimulus– pushing the sexual expression.

Sex is a hunger

For men, sex is like a hunger for a food, the way they like some food and have craving for, they also love to have sex. They like sex to be flavored and surprising every time. Men sometimes want it to be salty and sometimes sweet– it all changes with mood.

It is not that a man’s mind is empty while sex, it is captivated by thoughts and his sexual desires– the way he wants his wife or partner in bed indulging. Similarly, a day is roughly complete without dessert, day for men is incomplete without sex.

Sex is energy

The hormonal energy here plays the role. The excitement and urge to end the sexual tension give men a drive and aggression to pursue his sexual expression and attain sexual satisfaction. While sex, men push themselves into an aggressive and exciting scenario where his purpose is only to get his sexual reward of his hard work for the day.

Sex is excitement

Yeah, we all know this well. For men, first time sex is full of excitement and more like a thrilling adventure. You have a lot to explore and get along with your partner’s body. The first time, you try to make her feel asking for more of what she desires from you, we try different styles, positions, and rhythms to excite her for the sexual connection.

And, the best part about first time sex is, men carries his excitement and sexual aggression throughout the whole sexual session. Believe it, men are more of physical in sex, they are passionate and emotionally connected to it indeed.

Sex is his way to love

There are many ways in which a woman can explain her love for the man– gifts, outing, dinners, surprise meets, and so on. But, for men, they give preference to sexual connection and commonly called selfish for that. Though, men are more concerned about exploring and improving what his partner desires in bed– it is his way to express his love. He wants to know what his partner would like him to do in sex so that he could improve it.

For men, sexual satisfaction does not only limit to themselves but their partner as well. Men try to get their partner experience the sexual satisfaction.

Sex is love

You must have heard someone saying that “sex makes men feel like they are finally home”. Yes, it feels so. After facing all the challenges and hurts that world puts on you every day, sex becomes a source of love, care, and support. For someone, sex could only be a bodily pleasure but most men, especially the first timers consider it more of an emotional and loving approach than just bodily pleasure or reaching climax.

While we know that girls prefers to have a strong emotional connection before they get into some physical connection, male sexual drive is a great gift in a relationship. Not just physical, it is the emotional connection that a male would wish to develop before indulging for bodily pleasure.

But, what does sex feel like for women?

what does sex feel like for women

While sex is more physical for men, it is more of an emotional thing for women. Women have desires for both bodily and emotional pleasure. She wishes that her partner could give her whatever she expects in bed. It is her desire and a way to express her love to the partner. Most men begin their sexual stimulation through masturbation, women go for self-stimulation to learn orgasm. Majorly, for a woman, sex is more of love and emotional connection she shares with a person, her partner– and they no doubt try help their partner fulfil their sexual desires as well.


The meaning and need of sex differs in men and women, however the deeper aspect is to reach bodily and psychological pleasure in their relationship. If we talk about “what does sex feel like the first time for men”, it is more physical than emotional, but yes, emotional connection also impacts sex in many ways, especially, in approach to the partner. But yes, sex is doubtlessly essential in a relationship.