Quinoa a Superfood that is helpful to Diabetics.

Quinoa a Super food

Quinoa Helpful For Diabetics.

People suffering from diabetes are always on search for a food which has great taste and amazing health benefits to incorporate in their diet. They find it so hard to choose the right ingredient for their meal which does not affect diabetes level. Here your search comes to an end. The multinational quinoa is the answer to all your worries regarding diabetes and food. Quinoa is considered as super food for the diabetic patient. It is very important for a person with diabetes to manage the calories intake. To get all the information regarding the super food quinoa continues reading till the end.

Why is quinoa gaining popularity vs diabetic patients?

Quinoa is a basically a healthy replacement of rice, it is a grain that has protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is considered to be super food or super grain for a reason that it is a power pack of health improving substances. The gluten free quinoa is the best option to replace rice in your diet. It is also proven that quinoa is good for people with diabetes.

A high dietary fiber content of quinoa makes it healthier than any other grain for a diabetic person. It keeps control on blood sugar level . For a diabetic patient it is very important to monitor intake of carbohydrates, having 1 cup quinoa just gives you 40 grams of carbohydrates. Quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids which our body needs. Therefore incorporating quinoa in a diet for diabetic people is a good idea. Not only diabetes but if you have some issues with diabetes such as weakness in erection and you are on medicines like Sildenafil citrate 150 mg having quinoa can help you improve condition and reduce the dosage of medicine

Benefits of quinoa include:

·  It helps in lowering blood sugar level

· It helps in maintaining weight

·  It is gluten free

·  Contains high fiber and nutrition .

Quinoa also contains some other compounds

·  Saponins: It protects quinoa seeds from insects.

· Squalene: It acts as an antioxidant.

· Kaempferol: It reduces risk of chronic diseases.

·  Oxalate: It binds with calcium and reduces risk of kidney stones.

· Phytic acid: It reduces absorption of minerals.

·  Quercetin: It protects against several illnesses.

Nutritional constitution:

Quinoa contains 71.6% of water, 21.3% of carbohydrates, 4.4% of protein and 1.29% of fat. One cup of cooked quinoa contains 222 calories.

Is quinoa full of vitamins and minerals?

Quinoa is a power pack of vitamins and minerals needed by any diabetic patient. It is rich in antioxidants.

It also provides more magnesium, iron, zinc and fiber than any other grain. One of the major nutrients that quinoa can provide is protein.

The Nutrition Council describes it as a high-protein and low-fat grain option. It is also a rich source of folic acid. Quinoa contains 222 calories from 39 g of carbs, 8g protein, 6g fat, 5g fiber and 1g sugar.

As keeping healthy weight is mainly to control diabetes, protein in quinoa will make you feel full for so long that you will maintain a calorie deficit diet plan .

Is the glycemic index of quinoa low?

The only reason why quinoa is kept between the good and bad for diabetic patients is its glycemic index. Quinoa has a glycemic index of 53, which shows how easily it could lower down the blood sugar level.

30 grams of quinoa provides 10.7 grams of glycemic load which comes under GL range but still it is considered better for diabetic patients as it provides 6 g of fiber. It is so because fibre plays an important role in maintaining blood sugar level.

Also complex carbohydrates present in quinoa prevents that blood sugar sudden rise in blood sugar. If you have diabetes you can include quinoa in your meal plan but in moderation.

Quinoa v\s Brown rice

Quinoa v\s Brown rice

Quinoa is a far healthier and better option for a person suffering from diabetes. A single cup of quinoa contains 5g of fiber which is way more than fiber content of white or brown rice. Fiber helps to maintain blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

As quinoa has high fiber content it prevents overeating. Also comparing nutritional values, quinoa stands out as it has a plenty amount of minerals and vitamins present in it.

Rice has both high glycemic index and low fiber content which can shoot up your blood sugar level and cause complications.

So the best choice among rice and quinoa for the diabetic person is “Quinoa”.

Is quinoa a low carb?

  • Although it is packed with nutrients it is not a low carb food. A single cup of quinoa will give you 39g of carbs which is 50% more than the amount of carb provided by brown rice.
  • However it contains lower carbs than white rice yet it cannot be considered to be a low carb food.
  • If you are on a low carb or a keto diet you are not advised to have quinoa. But if you have made mind to have it then you must have it in a low amount such as salad dressing, sandwiches or porridge.

Is quinoa considered a grain?

  • Ages ago quinoa was called grain but after that many people in their articles made it clear that it is not a grain.
  • In real life the most loved high protein and low carb quinoa is a seed of the chenopodium quinoa plant.
  • It is considered a whole grain carbohydrate or whole grain protein that is gluten free. Many have queries in their mind that are quinoa a grain? No it is not classified as grain as grain is only a single hardened seed.
  • Quinoa is termed as a “pseudo-cereal”. As its way of eating is similar to whole grain it is declared as one.

Is quinoa keto food?

Is quinoa keto food?
  • Although quinoa is high in fiber and protein but it does seem to cope up with keto diet.
  • As quinoa is high in carb it cannot be taken when you are on a strict keto diet.
  • Also if you include quinoa in your keto diet then on that day you cannot have any many fruits or vegetables on that day.
  • At some point when you are on a targeted keto diet you can include quinoa.
  • It does not have any side effects if you consume quinoa if you are on a keto diet but it is not advised as it will eat up your entire calorie budget in just a bowl.

Is quinoa beneficial for erectile dysfunction?

  • Quinoa is proved to treat erectile dysfunction. Quinoa contains an amino acid that helps in treating weakness in erection.
  • If you are a vegan, you can try quinoa in your diet. It will help in increasing stamina.
  • Deficiency of vitamins in your body is directly linked to the problems like erectile dysfunction. Therefore including foods like quinoa that have high nutritional value can help you treat it.

Does quinoa lead to gastrointestinal issues?

Quinoa is high in fiber and protein which is said to be good for our stomach. But taking high amounts of it in our diet can lead to gastrointestinal issues.

It can lead to stomach ache, diarrhoea, bloating and discomfort. This happens as your body cannot handle too much fibre at a time. Also it possesses a chemical called saponins which leads to acidity and bloating.

This problem mainly arises when quinoa is not properly washed. It has been confirmed by many doctors that high amounts of consumption of quinoa can lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Is quinoa helpful to regulate blood sugar level?

Yes, quinoa is a good choice to include in your diet to maintain blood sugar level.

The high fiber content and high protein content of this whole grain makes it a popular choice for maintaining blood sugar level. Since fiber and protein are the most important aspects for maintaining blood sugar level you must give it a try if you are a diabetic.

One and only reason that hold us back from using quinoa is its glycemic index that is 53, as 30 g of quinoa can give us 10.7 grams of glycemic load and this can lower down blood pressure but we must keep in mind that it also contains fiber which will prevent it from falling down suddenly.

Therefore having low amounts of quinoa in your diet can help you maintain blood pressure. You can have quinoa with your medication such as Glucobay 100mg and it will not lead to side effects and in turn it will have a positive impact on diabetes.

How to incorporate quinoa in your diet for diabetes

· Replace rice with quinoa

·   Cook it with vegetables

·   Have it as a porridge

· Combine it with healthy beans

·   Make a healthy recipe out of it


A multifaceted wholegrain such as quinoa must be a part of your daily diet. It is much more beneficial to the body than any well known grain as it has lots of fiber, protein, vitamins and nutrients.

It is also a great option for people who are in search of gluten free grains. If you want your diet to be much more than a calorie deficit, and want it to be a power pack of nutrients and minerals quinoa can be a good choice.

Add quinoa to your diet after keeping in mind each and every aspect of it. Choose the form and amount of which you want to include into your diet wisely.