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What Is Reverse Kegel? Why Should One Perform It?

You must have heard of Kegels and their ability to tighten the pelvic floor, but reverse Kegels is responsible for relaxing the pelvic floor. When Kegels are the exercises that work on strengthening the pelvic muscles to support the rectum, small intestine, and bladder. Reverse Kegels do the exact opposite. The exercise is for relaxing […]

Viagra without Prescription or With Prescription? Revealed Here

Do you need a prescription for Viagra? There are many legal as well as safety reasons for needing a prescription for Viagra medication. Viagra is a prescription only medication. It can be sold legally to you if you have a doctor’s prescription or have been assessed by any doctor online. Over-the-counter medication contains the same […]

Is It Safe to Combine Cialis with Alcohol? Discover It Here!

Cialis and Alcohol

Cialis is quite a popular pill specifically used for erectile dysfunction among men. By improving sexual vigor, this medicine helps in solving the issue of erectile dysfunction and treat the difficulty in maintaining an erection. It’s a safe drug though, but one needs to consider the effects of beverages & drinks while taking it along […]