May A Calorie Deficit Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Worst Foods for ED

May A Calorie Deficit Cause Erectile Dysfunction

A calorie deficit can influence your overall health negatively. Most common are weaker bones, loss of energy, laziness, and others. Besides, this can also increase the risk of Erectile Dysfunction. Indeed, deficiency of calories decreases the level of testosterone and estrogen level.

These hormones are essential to perform satisfying sex and you can also try 200mg viagra. Doctors say progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen hormones influence the sex drive in the human body. Indeed, these chemicals tend to boost lubrication and sexual desire. Thus, calorie deficit enhances the chances of erectile dysfunction.

Patients should maintain a healthy diet to avoid such sexual disorders. Honestly, it depends on your lifestyle. It means how, when and what you eat daily. Addictions, rapid weight loss, staying hungry, eating too much or not enough can affect your sex life. So you need to understand food habits, essential nutrients, and the meaning of a healthy lifestyle. In this guide, we give you the worst diet and foods lists that cause ED.

Poor Diet Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Not eating enough can cause Erectile Dysfunction. Indeed, a calorie deficit can cause a lot of difficulties. Most common patients experience poor bones, anemia, poor dental health, and much more. However, the mentionable point is infertility which is the reason for not eating enough. 

Indeed, a lack of calories or nutritional properties makes you underweight. It can cause hormonal disbalance. We also mentioned before that calorie deficit reduces testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. These chemicals are vital for sex drive. As a result, patients experience bad sexual life in the future.

However, “eating too much” can keep you close to obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. Now you might be thinking, enough eating, consuming protein, or exercising can save you from getting ED. Indeed, it is not valid. Everything needs to be in control. 

Below we pick some common questions that most people ask doctors. The followings are

Can Too Much Exercise Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Too much exercise can reflect sleep quality and sex life negatively. Besides, it can be the cause of hypertension and decreased athletic performance. But most importantly, reduce the level of testosterone up to 20-40%.

As mentioned earlier, the following chemical is vital to drive sexual pleasure. Not only men but women also suffer from excessive high-intensity workouts. It can cause menstrual irregularities in the female body. 

Can Rapid Weight Loss Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Staying hungry for long or not taking sufficient calories causes rapid weight loss. Indeed, it is harmful to both males and women. In such cases, the male body suffers from poor erection. In contrast, a woman experiences difficulties during pregnancy.

Can Too Much Protein Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

0.8g per kg weight Protein required for an adult. But excessive amounts can cause weight gain, kidney stones, and other health issues. People who consume too many fatty proteins like red meat, cheese, etc tend to suffer from heart disease. As their nervous system damages day by day. Later on, it affects the erection during intimacy.

Low-Carb Diet Erectile Dysfunction?

A low-carb diet encourages ketosis in your body. It is a situation where fat is processed to convert into energy. It is healthy, but a few times, this can cause nausea, constipation, and lowering ability of sex. Women who consume protein in excessive amounts unconsciously increase the chances of blockage in their arteries.

Indeed, the protein includes saturated fat that contributes to such blockage and makes blood flow difficult in the genitals. Thus, limit the consumption of your protein diet. In short, strictly follow a healthy diet and understand the importance of sufficient nutrients. The human body requires calories or nutrition but in a controllable method.

Worst Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

Soya Protein Powder

Weight lifters or gym freak guys take such protein daily. Thinking of their weight management goes to the next level. But did you know that two scoops of soy protein powder daily tend to decrease the testosterone level? Indeed, the percentage can go up to 19% within four weeks. It is a research study found by Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers.

Proceed Popcorn

Popcorn that creates on the microwave can be the worst food for your sex life. Indeed, such popcorn includes perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It is a chemical known as C8. The doctor says high levels of PFOA exposure in the body can decrease testosterone levels. As a result, people experience lower sexual pleasure in the future.

Bottled Water

Water is not a problem here. Instead, the chemical compound of plastic bottles can harm your health. Bisphenol A or BPA, a chemical compound found in plastic packages. Indeed, such compounds tend to influence fertility for both men and women. Regular contacts of such products can negatively be reflected in the sperm counts of men.

Processed Carbs

Carbs are essential for human health but not processed carbs. People who consume white bread (processed carbs) daily tend to gain weight faster. As per the University of Buffalo study, 40% of non-diabetic patients reflect a decreasing testosterone level than usual. Thus, overeating processed foods can reduce sex hormones in the future.


No doubt consuming too much alcohol/beer makes your health worse. One of the common side effects is suppressing the production of testosterone hormone. As a result, your desire goes lower day by day.

Corn syrup

Most of our flavored soda includes artificial sweeteners. Excess consumption of these drinks tends to damage arteries in the penis area. Besides, it is also responsible for increasing cholesterol levels. People who intake such drinks daily can have erectile dysfunction in the future.

Processed Meat

Red Meat is an excellent source of protein. Besides, it is also a hub of unsaturated fat. Too much Consuming such foods can tend to damage your arteries in the penis area. So keep control while you take “proceed meat” for a healthy diet.

Possible Ways to Cure ED:

  • Consult with a doctor
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Take the right Supplement
  • Pursue Medical Therapy if required

Other ways:

Take ED medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. These ED pills tend to boost erection in the male penis. Thus, patients can perform satisfying sex with their partners.


So these are the detailed answers to your question “May a Calorie Deficit Cause Erectile Dysfunction?”. Indeed, Calorie Deficit tends to lower the sex driving hormones. Besides, there are many foods available that can damage your sex life. In short, you need to be conscious about your food and lifestyle. It will help to prevent ED naturally.