Levitra 60mg Tablets Online

Levitra 60mg Tablets Online


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Levitra 60mg is the maximum dose of the medicine which is given in extreme cases to men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The active ingredient Vardenafil dissolves into the blood vessels and provides smooth flow of blood throughout the body. It attacks the enzyme PDE5 (which blocks the flow of blood) and ensures that an erection is achieved when a person is sexually stimulated. Food doesn’t slow down the onset of this medication and so, you can take this medicine with food as well. Make sure you follow your doctor’s prescription and do not overdose.

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How to Use Levitra 60mg? 

As sexual health is as much important as overall healthcare, men are advised to take these pills as per individual conditions. Health history, existing medicines one takes and or several other conditions are kept into consideration while suggesting this pill.

Use of these pills, therefore, requires proper expert monitoring. You shouldn’t use such pills as a self-medication option with an exciting feel to enjoy your sexual life. As this medication requires to be orally administered for erectile dysfunction issues, your doctor assesses your overall health condition prior to advising its use.

These tablets are effective for 4-5 hours for pleasant sexual activity through ensuring proper erection, this pill mustn’t be overdosed. They are orange formulated round pills. Being film-coated tablets, they shouldn’t be split when taken orally.

Your doctor might increase or reduce dosage depending on your health condition. Undoubtedly, proper dosage of Levitra 60mg pills ensures a happy and healthy sex life even if you suffer from ED. Such pills are not permanent solutions but they definitely make big difference in helping men to rejuvenate their sexual lives by taking them under the guidance of expert healthcare specialists.

Storage Instructions for Levitra 60mg

To ensure that your medicines don’t get damaged or misused, you must take care of their storage as well. Keep them in at least 25°C (77°F) or cool and dark places. Always ensure that they are not reachable to children and pets. Such pills are meant for the adults only, therefore, you must store them carefully.

 What is the ideal dosage of Levitra 60mg?

The dosage of Levitra pills must start with the least quantity of say 2.5 to 5mg. If such dosage hardly brings any effect after taking the pills, your doctor would advise for a higher dosage.  The increase in dosage remains a gradual process. Even Levitra 60mg pills are recommended to somebody depending on specific requirements. The standard dosage is 10mg. This tablet must be taken orally at least an hour before any sexual activity.

60 mg is the highest dose of this medicine and so, careful steps are advised to avoid all sorts of side effects. The decrease of Levitra pills dosage can be to 5mg by keeping in consideration side effects and also efficiency levels. One shouldn’t take more than one pill in 24 hours.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to take these tablets. One can have it with food or without food.

Levitra 60mg Pills: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Are there any serious side effects of taking Levitra 60mg pills?

Ans. Yes, there are serious side effects like cardiovascular effects, effects on eyes, cases of sudden hearing loss, headache, flushes, dyspepsia, sinusitis, dizziness, and nauseaamongst others when Levitra pills are taken improperly and without any proper direction from a doctor.

  • Does Alcohol effects while taking Levitra 60mg pills?

Ans. Alcohol greatly affects Vardenafil and so, one shouldn’t mix alcohol and such pills. Avoid or reduce alcohol intake at least during the period while taking these pills. It will show effect to truly enjoy a rejuvenating sexual encounter with your partner. This way you also keep yourself safe from having any side effects.

  • Should one continue taking Levitra 60mg pills while already taking any other ED medicines?

Ans. It is not advisable to take 2 types of erectile dysfunction treatment options in one go. You must avoid that and take immediate advice from your doctor.

  • Can one change the dosage of Levitra 60mg pills by own?

Ans. One shouldn’t make any changes in the dosage until and unless it is advised by the doctor. If you have certain issues with your sex life somehow or the other it affects your overall health, then immediately contact your doctor or healthcare giver to find a solution which resolves your issues that might have occurred while using the pills.

  • Who can take Levitra 60mg pills?

Ans. Any male suffering from ED can take Levitra in the prescribed dosage. This medicine is not meant for females thus they shouldn’t take it at any cost.

  • Are Levitra 60mg pills a permanent solution for ED?

Ans. These pills are not permanent solutions. They definitely help you in regaining the penis erection to ensure you enjoy sexual life with same pleasure and vigor that would have been the case before facing impotency stage. To enjoy getting benefited from such pills, one must have sexual stimulation and so should be the partner supportive in sexual intercourse to reignite sexual performance.

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