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Oral Jelly (Tadarise, Kamagra)

Oral jelly is a medication for patients with erectile dysfunction. It helps to eliminate poor erection in men. For that, It relaxes muscles & increases blood flow in the penis. Therefore, patients can quickly get an erection for a certain period. And effectively perform sex with a partner.

ED is a sexual dysfunction in men where patients suffer from poor sexual attraction. In such cases, the doctor recommends Oral jellies (Kamagra or tadarise) that helps to keep a firm erection for better sexual activity. Indeed, the following medicine is prescribed for those who want an effective, trusted & simple solution for ED.


Oral jelly is a quick, effective, & affordable solution for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Most patients don't want to pursue costly treatments for their sexual dysfunctions. Instead, they are looking for an instant solution to perform better in bed. In such cases, doctors recommend oral jelly that boosts penis erection quickly within 12 minutes in some cases.

Indeed, oral jelly is a generic drug that contains the brand's primary compounds. However, both brands & generic medicine work in a similar way to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Most importantly, generic medicines charge less than brand drugs.


Description of Oral Jelly

Multiple manufacturers sell oral jelly with different trading names. Suppose Is Kamagra Oral Jelly, an Indian manufacturer of ED drugs. This medicine contains sildenafil citrate as a primary compound. Indeed, sildenafil is also the active compound of viagra.

On the other hand, few oral jellies contain tadalafil as an active compound. And sold under the brand name Apcalis-SX, Tadarise (Tadalafil) Oral Jelly. Ajanta Pharma manufactures this drug.

Lastly comes Zhewitra brand oral jelly that contains vardenafil as a primary compound.

Following active compounds like tadalafil, sildenafil, vardenafil. These all are FDA-approved drugs and safe for patients globally. Apart from that, the following drugs are known as PDE-5 inhibitors that block PDE-5 enzymes to enhance erection in the penis.

Oral jelly comes in different types, forms, & chemical substances. A doctor can suggest the best oral jelly after examining your health.


Oral Jelly Doses, Indications, & Variation

The dosage of Oral jelly varies on brand & medicine type. Consult with your doctor to know the accurate dosage as per your health. Stil, follow the general rules for consuming oral jelly.

  •       This is an oral jelly so take on your mouth & wait to swallow properly
  •       Consum this jelly in it its standard shape
  •       Do not take more than one medicine for a day
  •       Patients can consume this jelly with or without food
  •       Take on medicine 30min to 60min before sexual activity
  •       You can intake with an empty stomach

In addition, consult with a doctor about your sexual difficulties & read label warnings to prevent any damages due to such ED medicines.


Side Effects of Oral Jelly

Oral jelly is associated with multiple side effects. Some are common & may end within 2-3 days. Still, there are possibilities to get permanent damage due to such medication. Indeed, consult with an expert before taking these medicines. Below are some common & rare side effects of Oral jelly.

Common side effects

  •       headache
  •       upset stomach
  •       back pain
  •       muscle aches
  •       reddish skin
  •       stuffy or runny nose
  •       diarrhea
  •       Erection pain

 Rare side effects

  •       Hearing loss
  •       Ears problems
  •       Low blood pressure
  •       Lightheadedness
  •       The insufficient blood supply in the brain or fainting
  •       a painful erection on the penis
  •       seeing a shade every time
  •       Difficulty in identifying colors
  •       Lose eye vision
  •       Chest pain

Follow your doctor's guidance, don't overdose, and don't skip your dodge. It will help to avoid the following side effects. You feel an upset stomach, dizziness, or other difficulties after taking these medicines. Don't worry, wait for days. If it still is not eliminated from your function, immediately consult with an expert.


Warnings and Precautions

  •       Patients over 70-80 years old should consult before taking such medications
  •       Following drugs are not recommended for women, children, and people below 18 years old
  •       Patients with chest pain, heart problems, high BP, diabetes should avoid taking oral jelly
  •       Do not consume these medicine if you experience heart attract within a 60 month
  •       If you take medications like nitroglycerin, nitrates, isosorbide, etc., avoid oral jelly or any other ED medications
  •       Avoid taking other ED pills along with oral jelly
  •       Do not consume grapefruit juice with the following drugs
  •       Avoid fatty meals while you go for oral jelly dosage
  •       Following drugs do not protect patients from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV
  •       Avoid performing heavy-duty work after taking such drugs
  •       Time consumption is essential to get the best result
  •       Do not overdose on oral jelly dosage without consulting a doctor.



Who should avoid oral jelly?

Patients with certain diseases like high BP, heart problems, chest pain, diabetes should avoid or consult with a doctor. In addition, if you consume medicine like nitrates, alpha-blockers, avoid using oral jelly. This jelly is not recommended for women, children, and younger people below 18 years old.

Can I take oral jelly with alcohol?

Never try to do this otherwise; various side effects occur in the future. Indeed, alcohol reduces the effects of these drugs and may affect patients' bodies negatively. Remember, the following drugs are associated with various side effects. Some are common, but few occur rarely and may end with permanent causes. Hence, patients should avoid drinking alcohol while consuming the following drugs.

Can I use Kamagra oral jelly if I'm suffering from diabetes or another chronic disease?

It is better to consult with a doctor while you are a diabetes patient. Indeed, diabetes patients suffer from e-regular blood pressure, poor nerves, heart problems & excess sugar in their blood. In chronic diseases, side effects are pretty similar above. Still, the fact is Kamagra oral jelly is a potent drug & has solid chemical compounds. It is helpful but also associated with side effects. Following patients may feel uncomfortable while taking such medicines.

Where to store jelly at home?

Store the jelly at the average temperature at your home. Indeed, 15-30 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature to store these medicines. Besides that, also try to avoid wet, cold & hot places. People can store the jelly in the refrigerator but at an average temperature. Lastly, don't forget to seal the container properly.

How to use oral jellies for best results?

Take the oral jelly directly in your mouth 30 min to 1 hour before sexual activity. Now, wait for a second to dissolve the medicine. Follow your doctor's guidance to get the best result from the jelly. Ideally, timely consumption is very much essential to enhance the effect of this drug. Therefore, if you miss the dosage, consume as soon as possible but don't skip.

Best time to have oral jelly?

30min to 60 min before sexual activity is the ideal time to consume oral jelly. It helps to dissolve & absorb the drugs by your function perfectly. Do not take the jelly while too late or 4 hours before sex. In addition, you can take daily dosage or when needed. Consult with a doctor to know your accurate dosage.

What are all foods to eat before taking oral jellies?

Light foods are best before oral jelly dosage. Following foods are easily absorbed by the stomach and do not react with the medicine. Delicate foods like veggie greens, sweet potato, noodles, etc., patients can consume while taking the dosage. Indeed, you should avoid meals that tend to slow down the process of following drugs.

Does Viagra Oral Jelly work?

Following drugs contain sildenafil citrate as a primary compound. This chemical substance is known as PDE-5 inhibitors that work to relax muscles & increase blood flow in the penis. Therefore, patients maintain a firm erection for better sexual activity. People can take such medicine before sexual activity. One jelly is enough to keep you energetic for 4 hours.

Does jelly make hormonal changes?

The report says oral jelly or Kamagra tend to enhance reproductive hormones. This chemical is involved in sexuality & infertility. Research also shows that the following drugs also influence testosterone hormone in the male body.

Does oral jelly boost testosterone?

Studies show sildenafil influences testosterone levels in male patients. However, the effect on testosterone levels is relatively low. It means sildenafil does not increase or decrease the hormone too much. So that the patient’s body feels any changes. Indeed, oral jelly or Kamagra contains sildenafil citrate as an active compound.

What is the ideal dose of these drugs?

Indeed, a doctor is the best advisor for accurate dose as per patient health. Generally, oral jelly or Kamagra prescribe 20 mg to 100mg dosage within 24 hours. Different patients take different dosages as they suggested. Still, do not overdose on the medicine or take more than 100mg within 24 hours.

Is it safe for women to use?

Oral jelly or Kamagra contains sildenafil citrate as a primary compound. However, sildenafil drugs are prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction. FDA doesn't approve these drugs for women who have a low sex drive. Still, your doctor may suggest this oral jelly for off-label use. Indeed, women should avoid taking these medicines due to fewer reviews against females.

Is tadarise oral jelly have any generic salt available?

Originally, Tadarise oral jelly is a generic drug that contains tadalafil as a primary compound. Multiple generic salts are available for tadalafil. Originally, Cialis is the brand name of tadalafil medicine. However, both brand & generic drugs work in a similar way to treat ED.

What happens if you take Kamagra and you don't need it?

Remember, Following ED drugs are associated with various side effects. Some may not stay for long. Still, few side effects are rare & may end with death threats or permanent losses. Indeed, patients should consult with a doctor, read warning labels & avoid taking such pills. If they have allergic issues.

What happens if you take both oral jelly consumption?

Doctors don't recommend taking multiple ED drugs at the same time. Indeed, this will increase the risk of side effects or permanent losses. Remember, the Following drugs contain potent chemical substances which are associated with multiple side effects.

Why should you buy online?

Most trusted & reputed online pharmacy stores provide authentic brand viagra, initially manufactured by Pfizer.INC. Furthermore, online stores also offer generic drugs that charge lower prices than brand drugs. It depends on the consumer & doctor's recommendation. Still, online is beneficial due to faster delivery & authentication.

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So this is the complete overview of Oral jelly (tadalafil, sildenafil, vardenafil). Rember, Oral jelly contains potent chemical substances. It is a good idea to consult with a doctor before starting doses. Otherwise, patients may suffer from various side effects in the future. You can buy Oral jelly online by showing a valid doctor's prescription. It will help to prevent health damages through these drugs.