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What is Levitra and Best Place to Buy Levitra Online!


Levitra is a popular PDE5 Inhibitor and drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Much in line with the popular virility drugs like Viagra and Cialis, Levitra has its own uniqueness to it. While impotence might be construed as an untreatable sexual disorder in men, the virility drugs have proved to be helpful for […]

Viagra or Cialis, Which One Would You Choose?

Cialis vs Viagra

In today’s world of eternal dissatisfaction, sexual mishappenings are not uncommon. We have about 5 percent of men past the age of 40 experience complete erectile dysfunction, with the number reaching up to about 15 percent by the age of 70. And women too suffering from sexual dysfunction at different stages in their lives, as […]

Turmeric for erectile dysfunction: A treatment or a remedy

turmeric for erectile dysfunction

In the books of Ayurvedic history, Turmeric is a healing nutrient found to be of medical importance since ages. Praised repeatedly for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, turmeric has found its place in medicines, home remedies, oils, and daily food recipes. It is an anti-oxidant known to slow the ageing process. And therefore, finding […]